Sunday, 5 July 2015

Camping Fun

Thankfully, the flu bug finally dissipated. It took both of us until the end of Thursday to begin to feel somewhat "normal" again. Phew!!

We spent an action packed, hot and fun weekend up at Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge. What a blast it was, indeed!!

Here is a little "technical" information about the park:

As one of the largest parks in the province, Golden Ears Provincial Park is prized for its recreational opportunities. The extensive system of trails within the park provides an excellent opportunity for hiking and horseback riding.  Alouette Lake is a popular spot for swimming, windsurfing, water-skiing, canoeing, boating and fishing. The park also has three large campgrounds. Vegetation is typical of the coastal western Hemlock forest of B.C. and the mountainous backcountry is extremely rugged. 62,540 hectares
History: The park was named after the twin peaks of Mount Blanshard near the peak’s western boundary. Originally part of Garibaldi Provincial Park, the establishment of Golden Ears Park in 1927 recognized the almost impenetrable mountain barrier between the two areas.
Cultural Heritage: Human activity in Golden Ears, both past and present, has been confined to the accessible Alouette Valley in the south of the park. In the 1920s, the forested slopes of the valley became the site of BC’s greatest railroad logging operation until a disastrous fire swept through the valley in 1931. The lake and its forested surroundings were also the traditional hunting and fishing grounds for the Douglas-Lillooet (Interior Salish) and Katzie (Coast Salish) First Nations peoples.
Wildlife: The park’s lush plant growth, numerous waterways, and mountainous terrain provide habitat to a variety of animals including beaver, deer, black bear, and mountain goat.
Conservation: The park represents the Coastal Western Hemlock bio-geoclimatic zone and is characterized by a second-growth forest of western hemlock, western red cedar and Douglas fir. There are a series of sphagnum bogs at the south end of Alouette Lake.

Suffice to say it is gorgeous. A short 45 minute drive from White Rock, it's hard to believe that there is no cell phone coverage! Actually makes it very relaxing and enjoyable. The park does not have electric hook-ups or water at each site. There are plenty of fresh water taps, full-service bathrooms & showers. Also tidy and clean pit toilets throughout the camping areas.

The park, as in many areas of BC, are on extreme fire-hazard. Hard to believe it here in BC, isn't it? Many movies were filmed here. The First Blood (Rambo), Twilight series and The Lightning Thief all had scenes done here.   

Come along for a little tour of our weekend....

Sitting with Grandma while we maneuver the van into position.....
Our little Jasper is getting bigger every day.
First camping trip at 4 months old!!
A bit of "roadside" assistance by Dad....

And now leading the way.....

Gus explains to Grandpa how this old water pump works!!

Always one of our favourite things to do once we are settled, go for a walk
and look at all the trails and various campsites.....

Sometimes even an avid cyclist needs a ride with Grandpa!! 
Josh, Kathy & boys were actually here for a few days before we got there. They had camp all set up so it was nice to just pull in with Euri and unpack the van and get right to relax mode!! But first Gus needed to do a full and complete inventory of the contents of Euri's kitchen......

First up, plate counting.....

View from the campsite.....only WAY drier than it should be!!
Nature study with Dad.....


From our campground in the Gold Creek area, it is about a 20 minute walk down to the beach at Alouette Lake. It is a well-groomed walkway but does get a bit steep when you first come off the beach but it's a fairly easy climb.




Happy little water boy.....

Mostly we just enjoyed hanging with our kids.
It is, in our minds, time well spent!!

 This is a happy way to start the day.....
Hanging out with Grandpa and Euri....

Somebody is hungry for Sunday morning pancakes..... 


Where is that batter???




Oh yeah!!!

What do you mean, Euri has an upstairs?? 


As quickly as we got here, it was time to leave. Always sad to pack up and head back to reality. But, it was really nice to get out in Euri "officially" camping again. It's been a long time, that's for sure! 
Unfortunately for us, there is an extreme fire hazard in all (or most) of BC. That is a total fire-ban while camping. The kids have a "fire bowl" which looks like a fire pit but is fueled by propane and this is totally allowed. Almost the same as a real campfire but you sure do miss the crackle of a fire. But, like Kathy says, you don't get all your clothes smoky!! 
While we were frolicking in the forest, the city continued to bake in the heat wave. It reached 41.5 degrees C on the way home!! YIKES!!!!


Here is the look out our window tonight. The skies are grey and thick with smoke from
surrounding forest fires, here on the mainland and up on the island. Scary.......
That is the past few days. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will carry on working on our rain dance!!
Thought for the Day: Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behaviour does....


  1. It was nice reading about you enjoying the time with the grands. That must have taken away that lonely feeling that Euri has been feeling lately.
    We must be getting your normal weather and you ours because it seems for the last couple of years they've been reversed.
    Always nice hearing from you. Still hoping to cross paths again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You got that right, Rick!! Send us some rain, please!!!

  2. Since coming to the lower mainland in 1973, I have not seen it this dry ever. Camping without a fire seems just plain wrong, but with this drought it is simply too dangerous. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

    1. So, so dry. But I had forgotten to add that the kids have a fire bowl (it's in there now). The one that looks like a fire pit but is fueled by propane. Totally allowed (at this time). Super nice and almost as good. Just can't cook on it, so no s'mores!!! Boo Hoo!!