Monday, 11 August 2014

Catch-up time, again!!

Lots to tell you about!

First of all on August 6th, we headed down to Lake Cowichan to visit family. Don (Doug's brother) and Diana (the wife and brains of the organization....) were down at the lake visiting her family. It's a nice spot and we had a great day. Our thanks to Debbie and Peter for hosting. I did not get a picture of them, but here is their "cabin". Sweet spot!!

Great place to spend the day!!
Later in the week, we had an overnight visit from Don and Di and then we all took the ferry across to the mainland on Saturday the 9th. It's our version of a mini-cruise!!
Friends of Kathy's family invited us to their annual pig roast in South Surrey. Thanks to Mark & Linda for a great evening on Saturday. We loved it.....



Gus is just not sure about that popsicle!

At 104 lbs this was one big pig. It cooks for hours and hours!

It did not end well for Mr. Piggy.....
Mark (on the left) beginning the cut up with his helpers.
It did, however, end well for all us hungry carnivores!!
As you can imagine, it is quite a lengthy process getting all that meat off!
A beautiful evening to enjoy summer!
Pretty sure these two like it.....




Bocce Ball practice.....

...and some technical difficulties with a flip-flop!!

Bubbles. Who can resist??!!

After this great evening and a night in White Rock, it was over to my Mom's in North Vancouver. We hung out here for a few days. Not too many pictures but we will be back there! A picture of the super moon, coming up across the street though.....
Heading to Whistler on Wednesday the 13th for a 4 day camping time with Euri. We wanted to catch some of the great downhill biking competition, Crankworx. Very well known, around the world. Should be a fun time! See you all up there. We are staying at Riverside RV Park, just a short 1.2 km north of town. Easy bike ride on their paved paths. 
Thought for the Day: I will see your sarcasm and raise you some sass!

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