Monday, 18 August 2014

Whistler BC (Days 3 & 4)

One of the great things about Whistler is that it is so close to home! We really love it up here and being able to come up in the is just a favourite place for us.

Riverside RV Park is a great place to stay. So convenient. 
We would highly recommend it.....

We did time this trip to coincide with  the downhill biking competition, Crankworx, as I explained earlier. Here is a cross-section of the past few days. We were doubly lucky to have Josh, Kathy, Gus and some of Kathy's family and their friends up here as well. A great time for everyone. 

This guy came down the trails on a unicycle  that takes talent!!

Josh arrived to spend Thursday night, ahead of his family so he stayed
overnight in Euri! It was a fun evening! The all-important
skill of tying a six pack of beer onto a bike!! 

Pump track action.....lots of people!

Josh has a press pass so he was doing lots of photos.
He can get in closer than the rest of us "laymen"

Two guys flying around the end of the track.....

Not sure what he was looking at but seems that Gus
found something amusing!!


In those famous 2010 Olympic Rings in the village with Grandpa.....

We wandered over to Blackcomb. It was very quiet as all the action
was in the Whistler Village but it is still very pretty over here.....




A handy invention - a bike wine rack!! 

Back to the base of the downhill to watch some practice time....
Sharing ice cream with Grandpa.
My "cold" impression......

This is my serious "passport-style" face. Not sure what
those other two are grinning about.....sheesh!!

On Saturday night it was time for the big competition. The Red Bull Joyride. This is where they come careening (that is the only apt description) down the mountain, going off huge jumps, dropping 30 feet off the ramps and roof of the cabin that was in front of us. They are judged on originality, technicality, degree of difficulty etc.

We really enjoyed it and you don't have to know anything about the sport to appreciate the training and skill this takes. Super fun to watch!! Yes, there were a number of spectacular wipe-outs. No injuries, thank goodness. If you want to see the race or coverage, just Google Crankworx 2014 and you can see more.....


Absolutely thousands of people up on the hill....along with us too!!


Although he was not in the competition, this young chap had to rely on his artificial
legs to get him around. This proves that anyone can do this sport. Good for him!!

There was lots of music and fun, all afternoon.

We had a great vantage point too.... 

There are competitors from all over the world and the greatest thing is that
Canada scored in the top 3 spots, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!!
After this we bid adieu to the gang and headed back out to North Vancouver and a late birthday celebration with Mom. We always love the drive back on the Sea to Sky highway. A beautiful drive.....



High above Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Here is one of the ferries
coming into dock that we take when we head back over to Vancouver Island..
So, it was a busy and fun weekend. It was our last camping trip with Euri until next summer. As always, he performed flawlessly!! Winter travel plans are being planned out this fall so we will bring you all up to date when we have them sorted out. Stay tuned because they will NOT include travelling in Euri (shhh - don't tell him that!)
Hope everyone had a great weekend, where ever and what ever you were doing!!
Thought for the Day: Life is short. Do stuff that matters....


  1. We can feel the excitement of the event just through your pictures!!

    Great that Gus was able to make an appearance as well.

    Looking forward to hearing of your winter plans. We are going to Texas for the month of January.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Thanks T&T! It was a fun time...especially with Gus! Winter plans are stitching together, slowly!!

  2. Euri looks pretty happy in that camping spot, like it was made for him.

    Love Gus's brain freeze look! He is such a cute little guy.

    1. Thanks Ruth! It was a beautiful spot to camp. Great facility.