Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Things here at home

Not much to report. We try to get out each day (ahhemm....) for our mapped out, 5 km walk. (now that we are back here in Nanaimo, we can get back into that for sure!) Although we do LOVE our summer time and warmth, the fall colours are lovely and we enjoy our walk.

Trees in the 'hood"
Northfield Nature Park....
Now, that's a nice sitting bench!! Can you see it?
Pathway behind the house...
Those who know me know that I am not much of an adventurous cook. I do like baking, and since we are cooped up in the house, I found my way to the chocolate chip bag....some even made it into the famous Beglaw Cowboy cookies.....most went into the freezer.
Also, I follow a blog: http://Miss-Delish.com. Jill just recently finished a stint on Recipes to Riches. She was a finalist in the Pudding, Desserts category. She made it to the final 2 in her category. Unfortunately she just missed out by a smidge (we actually thought she should have won....but that's another story). She is a wonderful girl and you should all check out her blog. It is chock-a-block full of great eats, new twists on things. She is an amazing cook. Tonight I tried out the Oven Roasted Vegetable Quinoa with Crunchy Chickpeas. It is under the Oct 18th section. It was, in a word, AMAZING!!!!!!! Doug and I loved it and I already have plans to make it again and again, even when we are in Mexico. Check out her blog. You won't be disappointed!! Check this out. It turned out EXACTLY like the recipe shows.......


 Yumm, yumm - thanks Jill!!!
Anyway, on a full stomach, Beglaw checking out!! Talk to you all soon!!

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