Thursday, 21 October 2021

Thanksgiving (Canadian style)

I have posted 3 other blogs BEFORE this one on the same date!! Check those out too!

I am sure you are all exhausted by now!! Here is our Thanksgiving adventure...

For the past 6 years (since 2016) we have had a tradition of camping at our local BC provincial parks for the Thanksgiving long weekend. We have enjoyed each and every one of those Thanksgiving trips. Some were drier than others but we always have a great time. The last two years we have been blessed to have Josh & Kathy's neighbours, Brandur, Shannon and Ivy with us. Dayle, kathy's sister comes out for a night or two as well. We have a great group of turkey eaters....Sometimes the group grows by a family or two. Always fun!

All set up and awaiting the rest of the crew....

Pretty cozy little trailer.....

Us on the left and Josh & kathy on the right. What a huge site!!

Josh & Kathy

Josh, Jasper & Gus....

The last two years we have been at the Maple Bay campground in Cultus Lake Provincial Park. This smallish lake seems to almost "warm up" (ha ha) down at this far end, this time of year. Here we are for the 2nd Annual "Thanksgiving Stuffing Splash". Super fun. Yes, it is a bit chilly but we basically go from swimming here to about 100 yards away to the lovely, warm bathrooms that are here at the park, complete with hot showers.

Splash participants....Josh, myself, Jasper, Brandur, Gus, Doug & Ivy

All the while the turkey cooks in the trailer. Yup, a de-boned 14.5 lb fresh turkey, bought locally here in Surrey. The Turkey House & Deli is an amazing place. (Thanks Rita - you rocked it out again this year for us!!) Yes, it does fit in my little trailer oven (the de-boned part is the secret). Took about 4 hours to cook. 

Kathy and I have honed our preparation and planning skills for Thanksgiving dinner over the past six years. I do the turkey and potatoes (sweet and regular-yes I cheated on the regular mashed and had the Turkey House make them fresh for me!). Kathy does the stuffing, veggies and sauces. We are quite the team!

Reaady for the oven....

Kathy & Jasper, ready to eat!

Dayle (Kathy's sister), Brandur and Doug

Shannon, Ivy and Jasper

Josh & myself....

Of course, that is not all the eating that goes on!! Sunday morning we do a pancake breakfast. Grandpa Doug and Gus prepared the pancakes. Actually, Doug told me that this year Gus was a great helper and he soon will be making pancakes with Grandpa shouting directions from fireside!!

Doug, Gus, Jasper and Ivy

The eating machines.....

Then it's on to crafts that Josh & Kathy brought.....

Beautiful Cultus Lake

The "group".....front row: Gus, Jasper & Ivy
Back row: Dayle, myself, Doug, Shannon, Brandur, Kathy & Josh

A Thanksgiving hello from Teagan and Rudy in the Kootenays!!

Well, now you are REALLY up to date on our goings on. I am sorry I have not posted as often as I should have this year. Doug was my hero today and figured out how to get my pictures from my phone camera (Google Pixel 2-what a pain!!) to my computer. He is amazing!! No wonder I have kept him around for 44 years!!

We also want to address the "elephant in the room", Covid. (Does it really deserve a capital letter??). No one is doing what they normally do. We have missed our family and friends. We have ALL suffered loss, panic, worry. We are all wondering where this will lead to? When will it end? We are hoping that all of you, our family and friends, are well and safe. 

Peace and thanks to our friends...

Thought for the Day: If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right.


  1. Wow, what a great outing! A very cool picture of the lake!

  2. Cozy trailer indeed. Love that you do arts and crafts. Your family is growing and you do have a lot to be thankful for.

    Who knows when covid will end, we just have to live in the moment. We don't know what lays ahead, better or worse?

  3. PS ready for more posts now as in on a regular basis :::;)