Monday, 12 December 2016

Where did 4 years go??

How can it be that the past four years have flown by??

Gus, Harrison & Emma
First, the early party on the 10th.....

Crazy haired Jasper and Dad.....

Now that is a set of candles......
Then the real party day on the 12th!!

The extra party on the 12th - lucky little guy!!

A triangle cake was the request for this 4 year old!!!

Actually, a bit out of order here but on the 4th of December, we made a trek up to Dogwood Christmas Tree Farm in Fort Langley BC ( This was an annual tradition for us and some family members for many, many years. Once everyone grew up and moved away we stopped so it is SO nice to start the tradition once again. This is the second year for the new generation now.
Sheesh Santa, I always thought you were taller......
Okay, this one will do and Josh has LOTS of help!!
And with that ,the Christmas tree, birthday party few weeks was over. Next up, Christmas season!!!!
Peace out everyone!!!!
Thought for the Day: Have a grateful heart.....

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  1. How do these kids grow up so fast? Thanks for sharing. But how can you pick out a Xmas tree without snow? Doesn't seem right.

    A Very Merry Christmas to you and Doug and your beautiful family. All the best for 2017.

    Sure wish we were closer.
    Lots of love from Dale, Sue and Chelsea