Sunday, 14 June 2015

What to say.....

Not sure when we haven't gone anywhere!

We have been enjoying some spectacular weather here on the West Coast. In fact, it has been a little "too" nice in that we are definitely down on our waterfall. The month of May was our driest on record. That impacts our watershed where we all draw our water from. Guess the old saying is true......"be careful what you wish for!" I hate to say it but we really do need some rain pretty soon. June is normally a very rainy month for us and so far, half way through, we have hardly had a drop! Yikes........can you spell global warming?

This past weekend we did participate in the Relay for Life, located in Langley's McLeod Athletic Park. Very worthwhile evening for raising awareness for cancer research. Lots of work by many people (including our sister-in-law, Diana Beglaw) We were glad to come and walk for the evening and do our little part. Thanks from both Doug and I to Gus and Jasper for the nice donations. Who knew they could type (and had credit cards) at such a young age!!

It's a long evening, spent out all night with members of your team walking the track. The idea is "cancer doesn't sleep, so for one night, neither will we....." The camaraderie is wonderful. There are events that go on through the night. Entertaining bands, scavenger hunts, midnight chili is served, zumba classes for those who still require even more exercise and, best of all, a 5:30 a.m. pancake breakfast! Before you know it, the sun starts to come up and with a bit of clean up at track level, you are finished. Time to go home and go to bed. (Except for Doug, who caught a few hours sleep in Euri during the night and then went to work at his Saturday job at the computer store!! Now that's dedication - or is he afraid of his boss? Hmmmm....)  

First, assemble the tent.....

...then sit in front of said tent!

Opening lap with "Survivors". Very special for everyone.

Our special hosts, Diana & Don Beglaw.

One little boy on a really big track. He gets sidetracked very easy!!
Heading straight for the ambulance - he loves them!!

Grandpa and a balloon trick!!

Yup, for some reason this was pretty funny!

This new turf is fit enough for sleeping on!!



One lap with Dad.....
We have spent some nice time on our side deck here. Loving our view and loving, even more, time with family and friends out there. Even though it is skinny, it is very long and we have managed to dress it up really nicely. Lots of planters, flowers, memorabilia, etc. We even added the umbrellas to provide some much needed shade on this west side of the house. It gets mighty hot out there! 




Believe it or not, Euri is parked inside this garage!!




That's it......Well, just a few of our beautiful boys from the other day.

Shoes are entirely overrated.....

Ahhh, that's much better! 


Jasper is turning into our little Mr. Smiley!
At nearly four months old, he is really starting to show his little personality!
We Love these boys SO much.......
Thought for the Day: Stay humble, work hard, be kind.


  1. Great cause to support.
    Nice job fixing up the new digs.
    Euri's going to feel like you're ashamed of him. Time for a road trip.
    The boys are getting big and like you said showing their personalities.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No, Euri is feeling pretty good about kicking Felix out of the garage and taking over his covered spot!! Seniority has it's perks!!