Friday, 22 May 2015

Explorations close to home

A bit late but hope everyone had a great long weekend. We sure did! We finally started our explorations of our little community of White Rock that calls itself the "City by the Sea", as you saw on the last blog installment.

First up was a great little breakfast spot about a 5 minute saunter (it couldn't even be classed as a walk, it's that close) up to the Five Corners Café. It has been around for 50 years or so and still, somehow, retains that old charm of a true lunch counter style restaurant. We loved it. Jerry and Paula Gale, you have to come out here for this one!!

We'll see how many of our Mexico travelling buddies notice this sign.
The drink of choice with tequila in Mexico!! 
After a great breakfast at the counter, it was off to wander up the street. We love living here. It feels just like a small, oceanside town....hold it, that's what it is!!
We loved this little produce/grocery store. TV was on up in the corner,
just like so many of the little stores in Mexico. Nice feeling.....
...always need flowers in your life.
...isn't this the truth!!

 Penguin Meats. What an amazing store this is.
It will definitely get a return visit from me! 
After this it was off to North Vancouver to pick up my Mom. We were having her stay overnight on Saturday night. My drive was rather interesting though. Someone flagged me down part way to North Vancouver to tell me my rear tire was very low and it was!! Good old BCAA came and changed it out (that's why I pay the big bucks each year) and I was soon enough on my way. 
Wouldn't know it from this picture, but that tire is ruined.
However, $210 will get you a brand new one at
the local Kal Tire store......ouch!! 
Still, we had a great visit with Mom. Some good wine drinking with her, Don & Diana out on the patio and then dinner. The kids were supposed to come down as well but they were sick with a flu bug....darn it!!
Sunday found us out for a walk on the pier and a nice sunny appetizer at Jimmy Flynn's, right across from the water. Gotta love that sunshine!!
Mom doesn't drink as fast as me.....
The weekend seemed to fly by. How about for everyone else?? Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone. Seems not only the weekends fly by but the weeks do as well! But we are enjoying our new routines!
Thought for the day: Like the sign from Hillcrest Bakery says..."Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!! 


  1. Put our names on two of those diner stools, Nanc! Your mom looks terrific! Lucky you to be able to spend fun time with her. Hugs to you and Doug. xo xo

    1. Already have you signed up for two of them! Yes, we are, indeed, extremely lucky to have a Mom like her!

  2. Kathy totally agrees with that sign. Happy to read that you are having a good time in your new life. See you down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are certainly having fun in this "new life" but we miss some aspects of the old one too!! But the working thing isn't so bad when it's only part-time!

  3. I used to frequent the Five Corners Café back in the early eighties. The Huevos rancheros were my favourite. Also Penguin Meats, still a great place. It just proves that quality never tires.

    1. You are right, Peter! Quality doesn't go out of style, does it? We'll have to have those Huevos Rancheros next time.