Friday, 19 September 2014

Road Trip (Sept 7th to Sept 15th)

We had an amazing time with Josh, Kathy & Gus. For Gus, this was his first big road trip so Josh & Kathy didn't really know how he would be in the car. The longest he had been in his car seat was for a few trips up to Whistler, which is about 2 hours. This would be an adventure!! Come on along with us.......

Sunday Sept 7th
White Rock to Three Valley Gap - 516 Kms

This is a beautiful area of our province. We have driven "past" this charming little hotel so many times that Doug and I cannot even count! Funny thing is that when Josh and Teagan were little, we did have breakfast here. It was fun to revisit it with the kids. First though it was a bit of a rest stop in Kamloops and then we pushed on......

The "Gus Mobile" up ahead of us on the Coquihalla Hwy
heading towards Kamloops BC
A little guy HAS to get out and romp around for a bit, right?
First stop for the night was at Three Valley Lake Chateau ( It is an awesome little spot, just west of Revelstoke. We have driven by it SO many times and were happy to stay here on our first night. A pretty large hotel that is pretty quirky and twisty with little hallways but we loved it. Gorgeous views and a great, warm indoor pool.

The view from our rooms....pretty sweet, huh?
There is also a great little "Ghost Town" that has been lovingly assembled from old buildings from this area and even as far away as Calgary. Very nice job and we enjoyed walking around it. It is attached at the back of the hotel. 

No ghosts here, just lots of beautiful gardens and neat old buildings.
You could go a little ways inside them to see all the interesting
collections from time long gone by..... 



Hug a bear time!!
Wrapping it all up with a great swim!!
Monday, Sept 8th
Three Valley Gap to Calgary, AB - 455 Kms
We headed out towards Calgary with a bit of drizzle. Very soon the drizzle turned to "thick" drizzle and then, horror of horrors.....S-N-O-W??? What the heck?? This is a summer holiday. How can this be???
We stopped in Calgary to stay overnight at Josh & Kathy's good friends, Barb & Marcel. Thank goodness we did not have to go any further. They were wonderful hosts and we had a super nice evening!! Thanks for the hospitality Barb, Marcel, Chantal and Trent.
This doesn't look good.....

This REALLY isn't good....and all of us on summer tires - naturally!!

Merry Christmas (on Sept 8th) from Calgary!!
Tues Sept 9th
Calgary to Medicine Hat AB - 307 Kms
It was a nice, fairly dry and enjoyable drive to Medicine Hat. Lots of Doug's family live here along with, most importantly, his Mom. Gus' Great Grandma Beglaw. She was thrilled to see him for the first time and we spent lots of time with this group for a few days.
Thanks to everyone for the hospitality, as always. We had a great time!!
Gus & Great Grandma Beglaw, chillin' with some POCOYO


Four generations of Beglaws!!!
Doug, Josh, Great Grandma Helen Beglaw & Gus......
Thursday, Sept 11th
Medicine Hat AB to Fernie BC - 382 Kms
Wow, this was a big drive day too but super fun. Well, I guess that is easy to say since Doug & I were in the "quiet" car, huh?!
Lizard Creek Lodge, just past Fernie BC was a beautiful spot to spend the night. Our rooms were awesome and were looking right up the mountain and the chair lifts. It was pretty quiet as it is "shoulder" season. The town of Fernie is about 5 minutes east of where the lodge is and we went back there to explore for one evening and a bit the next morning.
Leaving Lethbridge and heading to the Crowsnest Pass on Hwy 3
just a "bit" of snow on those beautiful mountains, huh?
Rest stop at the HUGE truck in Sparwood.....
No matter how big the truck is, for Gus, one of his
favourite things is the gravel and rocks on the pavement!!
That family looks pretty teeny next to that truck!!

Sorry, couldn't resist this one.....  
Our room at Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie BC.

Pretty nice view.....

Lizard Creek Lodge main area. Oh, plus they had a nice little
breakfast included in the room cost!


Downtown Fernie.....

Friday, Sept 12th
Fernie BC to Nelson BC - 320 Kms 
We headed back into Fernie for a brief walk-about this morning. Spent time poking into the shops and enjoying this little town.
Yes, Grandma is ALLOWED to buy him a kiddie cone at 10:15 in the morning....
that's what grandma's are for, right?? Besides, it was mango!
After we left Fernie, it was a beautiful drive through Cranbrook, Creston and up the east side of the huge Kootenay Lake. There are actually two different ways to go. You can turn at Creston and go west on the Salmo-Creston highway or head north from Creston and take the free ferry across up by Crawford Bay and across to Balfour. We picked the ferry ride. This is a gorgeous drive and takes about an hour to go from Creston up to the Crawford Bay area. We just missed on ferry and had to wait about 1-1/2 hours but we are lakeside at this point so there was no problem entertaining Gus. He LOVES the water, no matter how cold!! Once you get across the lake on the ferry (about 35 minutes), it's about 37 kms to Nelson.
Teagan & Shawn have settled into Nelson and we are all heading here for a visit. We are looking forward to our time there. 
For some reason, our VW Beetle was extremely fascinating for Gus.
"Mam-mam's car". Waiting in the ferry line-up.....



Nelson did not disappoint with it's weather. After the snow in Calgary (ahem....) and the cold and windy time in Medicine Hat (ahem again....) we have really enjoyed the past two days back in the sunshine and warmth!! 
We are staying at a little top floor apartment called Three Maples in Nelson. It is a one bedroom with a futon in the living room, a nice dining room, kitchen, etc. Check them out at
Notice the sign is always a "sacred ride"
when you are on Dad's shoulders!!

Downtown Nelson Courthouse, built in 1908.

No matter how old they get, it is always cool
to see your kids all walking together.....

Gus and Grandma spent a few trips going across
the street to the school playground. Learning to go "up" the slide!!

Then a bit of tree trimming. 

And finally we moved some rocks around!
It was fun for Josh & Kathy to see the new Timber Tattoo Shop of Shawn & Teagan's.  Josh tested it out with a nice, old school-style tattoo thanks to Shawn O'Connor.

Check his website out!
Just a small old-school tattoo, Sailor Jerry style.
 An old plane prop....
Sunday, it was time for a trip up to Kootenay River to see the spawning salmon.  None of us have ever seen this so we were pretty excited to witness this amazing feat of nature.
First though, it's Gus' amazing feat of nature with his "duck walk".
He will spontaneously start doing this, no matter where he is, and then he looks at everyone and says, "duck walk" like everyone is supposed to participate!!

There weren't too many salmon left spawning. Teagan & Shawn said that the week before, there were literally hundreds of them in this area. Still, it was so cool to see. You can walk all the way down the creek and check them out at different points of the river..... 



All the way up the fish ladders in the creek.....

Checking things out with Josh, Teagan & Gus.....

Lots in this spot but there were lots of dead ones floating back down the creek.
the bears and eagles are quite prevalent here too - easy pickings!!
Checking out the shrubs with Auntie Teagan.....

Our kids!!!
Then it was down to the beach area for some playtime. Again, Gus is never in a hurry to leave the water's edge. Just like Josh used to be. he could stay in the water until he was shivering and would still complain when we made him come out!


Notice how wet his shirt is!?


Chillin' at dinner time.....
Well, that was our time in Nelson. We loved it and loved seeing Teagan and Shawn again. All too soon, it was time to head back to White Rock (for the kids) and Nanaimo for us.
Monday, Sept 15th
Nelson BC to White Rock BC - 678 Kms
This is probably one of the best drives you can do in BC. It is simply a fantastic drive with something to look at on every turn. Easy drive on the road. Gorgeous......
A quick stop at one of the fruit stands in Keremeos....

So many squashes, so little time to choose!!

Lunch stop in Princeton and a swing with Grandpa
(.....aka Pop-Pop)
There is was. A great little road trip of about 2,658 kms. Pretty impressive for a "short" trip isn't it and pretty impressive for a little guy to do his first big one too!! He did great and so did his parents!! We did have to cut out the last few days of the road trip that Doug & I had planned but we still had a fantastic time. It was just the best spending it with Josh, Kathy, Gus, Teagan & Shawn and all our family in Alberta (...and the Lussier family in Calgary). We loved every minute of it!! Thanks to everyone for the hospitality.
I will bring you all up to speed on what's up next for us for the upcoming winter travel soon as I know!!
Thought for the Day: The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with people who matter to you.


  1. Wow it's a good thing you haven't been busy. It is always fun when you can do things as a family especially teaching Gus how to be a traveler.
    Looking forward to see what your future plans will be for this year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. What a nice memory builder for your family - and Gus especially. The scenery is absolutely incredible - makes me want to jump in Petunia and head north!
    Oh, Nancy, the one photo of Gus in the little baseball / engineer hat where he looking back and down is priceless; I'd definitely put that one in a frame. How handsome and thoughtful he is. Also, the four-generation photo is great and I can really see the family resemblances. Hugs Grandma!

  3. Wow! A super trip with the family! Thanks for sharing, Nelson is on my bucket list...
    Have lived in BC for 40+ years and never made it there...

  4. Thanks everyone! It was a wonderful time with everyone. Loved every minute of it!!

  5. What a great road trip! You had so many great pictures of little Gus, he really is such a cutie. Looks like he really enjoyed himself too. So happy that you were able to spend this time together with your family.

    I loved seeing your pictures they brought back lots of memories of our first couple of months in the motorhome. We love British Columbia and can't wait to have more time to explore it better.