Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Avon NC (Day 2)

We woke up to nice warm temperatures today. It always seems strange to us West Coasters to see grey skies and step outside and have it pretty warm! We rode out for a nice breakfast at Oceanic Bistro today. Thanks to Erica for making us welcome! Breakfast was delicious!! 

We went for a great bike ride today, trying to explore both sides of this very narrow spit of land. When I say narrow, it is probably only about 1/2 mile wide. On one side is the Atlantic Ocean (which, by the way, still looks pretty angry) and on the other side, the Palmico Sound. (calmer but it is huge and rather like a small ocean). We rode about 8 kms and I think that it sounds rather grandiose of us but when it is always dead flat, as the areas around these waters often are, it is probably the cardio equivalent of about 5 kms. Oh well, better some than none!

We started out with the Atlantic side. We love it, even in it's anger.....

We wanted to lock our bikes at the top of the ramp at the Avon Pier and then noticed
this sign! $1 for you to go out on the pier and "sight-see" or fish!! Good thing we were
just going down onto the beach. Although, we asked if it was alright if we locked up the
bikes on the ramp - no problem they said!!


The water was cold, but certainly not as cold as our
Vancouver, Pacific Ocean would be right now!



To me, there is something cool about the underside of a boardwalk!


The love of our life......

After the beach visit, we rode back over to the other side of the "seashore". It took us about 5 minutes to get back past our RV park and around the roads here.
This house is just about a block down the road from the campground....

Family burial plot.....
Something we have noticed for a while now is the right to have family burial plots
right on your own land. This is very different for us. I am not sure what happens if and when the family ever decides to sell their house. I mean, If I buy the house, grannie and gramps have to go with you, cuz they aren't staying with me!!!

Ah, just further down the road, our equivalent of a mountain bike track, probably about 3 feet wide but skinny for those of us not accustomed to riding elevated!!
It took nerves of steel!!!
Gather up your courage!!!!!

It lead us to this canal...that's all.


Cool houses, back up on stilts for those storm surges, that will come eventually!
We continued on to a rather dilapidated old marina and we could see some wind surfers nearby. Our campground is about a block from that water globe you see....
An old piece of concrete, embedded with shells on the breakwater.
Seemed that they used anything old and brick or concrete related to
shore up this breakwater on the Palmico Sound side.....

An old check valve from a boat....I wonder where the rest
of the boat got too??!
Doug, my expert check valve guy, looked it over.
He said he wished he could have knocked some of the rust off so he
could see who's valve it was!! Old valve guys never die, they just retire!!!


Notice the two kite surfers out behind this wind surfer?

 New construction in same area....

Love these stilted houses.....


Loved, loved this old house. Just needs a loving touch (or two)

One of the interesting things that Doug has researched is that you can rent a nice, modest home here in Avon (not right on the beach, but everything is within a 3 block radius of the beach) for about $500-600 per week, during the months of mid-September (after Labour Day) to mid-May. Check out this website: if you want to see some interesting things. Of course, in the summer they pretty much double in price!! Just check out the Avon NC area.
And with that we ended up back at the van with a nice glass of wine in our hands. Thanks to Doug for putting the composition of this picture together. 

There has been a tornado watch here today. Not sure why, but we think it encompasses all of Dare County which reaches a bit inland as well. As of this evening (7 pm) it has been lifted but we have had a good soaking of rain this evening.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by the terrible storms and tornados in the south of USA. Gosh, it just never ends, this terrible weather, every spring......

Thought for the Day: "It's impossible" said pride. "It's risky" said experience. "It's pointless" said reason. "Give it a try" whispered the heart.


  1. Hi D and N:
    Glad you've not, so far, been effected by the rain and flooding. On the Diane Sawyer news tonight , the devastation in North Carolina looks terrible. I love your days of not so high drama, when you're just out exploring a new place. The photos are great and as usual, Euri looks terrific, as do the two of you.

    1. We have been very lucky. We send our thoughts and prayers out to all those still trying to put their lives back together. We like the "not-so-high-drama" days too!!

  2. Even though you were busy compared to your last post it was like a down day. You actually had time to catch your breathe.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I think you guys would like it down here. Super pretty, in a different sort of way.

  3. Thanks for the great bike ride! Loved your pictures and so glad that you are having a great time and that the tornadoes and left you guys alone.

  4. Thanks Ruth - We are really enjoying it down here. Soon, we will be in your nick of the woods!!

  5. That family burial yard has to be quite old. This was the custom up until the late 1880's in the southern US. Homesteads were always handed down through the family too so no fear of 'losing" your dear departed ones.
    Now not so much, though I do have a cousin who lives on a homestead in southern VA where our mutual ancestors are buried. 8-)