Thursday, 22 November 2012

Betty Crocker....

...I am not.

However, I do enjoy simple baking and I really like Rice Krispie squares!! I know, it doesn't get much more basic than that, does it? Plus, it must be near Christmas, since they come in green & red!! What I always remember, is that when I made this when the kids were teenagers, they would cut weird shapes out of the middle of the pan, in random spots. You could leave the room and it was perfect and then, like ninjas, one of them would end up in the kitchen and wham-mo, a shape was cut in it!! Some things will always be important to me and this memory is one of them. I hope that next time they are at the house they do the very same thing. It makes me miss them!!

Sorry, I know, lame excuse for a post but telling you all about rain, grey, cold, dark & wind isn't much interesting either, so I picked the lesser of two evils!!
Go bake something fun!!

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