Sunday, 16 December 2012


Well, naturally, there has to be a Gus update!! Here is, likely, the MOST adorable baby, ever, now comfy at home!!


On Saturday, we headed over to Canada Place to see the Christmas trees and the old windows from Woodwards Department Store, which, for those not familiar with Vancouver, was one of the oldest department stores here. They always had wonderful window displays for Christmas. Our day started with a ride on the Seabus that takes you across the Vancouver harbour, from North Vancouver to Vancouver centre.
Lovely grey Vancouver winter skies!!
The Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre
They have great displays, some left over from the Olympics...
Doug wins first place (of something....) 
Doug & Nadyne, my Mom
These displays are likely over 75 years old.....
Lonsdale Quay Market
So, that was the past few days. Thanks for checking in with us!!


  1. Sweet baby boy! I remember as a little girl, going to Seattle and seeing the Christmas windows in the big stores. Great pictures.

  2. Thanks guys! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  3. Now comes the growing like a weed part. Hold him while you can because he will grow up all too fast. A beautiful baby.