Friday, 15 September 2017

Roadtrip time - Part three

Tuesday Sept 12th - Well, it's always hard to leave the kids behind but we tore ourselves away and headed out of Nelson. First stop was Frog Peak Café in Crescent Valley. Greatest breakfast you can have!!

After that brief stop, it was on to Otter Lake Provincial Park which is 35 kms north of Princeton, just 5 kms past the small town of Tulameen.
So, you know how I said I was a "little" edgy about towing, well this drive to Otter Lake didn't help!! Phew, good thing I have a good pilot. In retrospect, it wasn't "that" bad but at the time it seemed the road couldn't get any narrower!! We both thought that, at times, it was like a Baja highway in Mexico!

Sheesh, no room for error here.....

Then there are lovely stretches like this.....
And then, good grief, back to this!!  One lane due to a slide,
and I don't think they have plans to fix it anytime soon!
Made it!!

Through the trees was the lovely little lake.
We aren't on the same level as the lake, you have to go down a little hill.

Hardly anyone else at the park, maybe 20 others....  

Peaceful though.....

It isn't so great to see the canister for the fire pits but they
were the only thing you could have all summer and we really enjoyed ours!

Wednesday Sept 13th - With having the Jeep, we now have the ability to take off and go for a little explore so that was fun for a change. The town of Tulameen is very small with just a hundred or so houses. We thought it would be quite inexpensive there but one 1800 sq ft house was listed at $499,000? Seriously, up here? Anyway, there is a small "Trading Post" store. One of the good old stores that houses the Post Office, liquor store, restaurant, general grocery store. Pretty funny.
Check out some of the more unique houses we found:

Very old original cabin, painted (unfortunately) red.....

Now, that's a tree fort (and a half!!)
When we were just coming into town I noticed that there were a few interesting things. This small overflow area from the river had lots of stone rock statues and a very interesting shoe tree. Check these out:

The road is just on the left side of this picture.

Pretty funny!!
After this we continued a little further (toward Princeton again) to the tiny mining town/hamlet of Coalmont. Bit of a ghost town but very interesting. At one time there were 4,000 people living here. Even had it's share of mystery as one of the brothel girls was murdered.......yikes! Way back then there were actually 2 brothels in this town....
It has an interesting history if anyone cares to research it. Lots to know....
Beautiful old hotel in need of repair. It was opened briefly and then
closed again in 2015. Too bad!

Old original safe still stuck inside the abandoned hotel.
Boy, if these walls could talk!

Necessity is the "mother of invention" so they made themselves a
lending library out of an old bar fridge. It just sits outside by a small B&B. 

Someone even added a protective cover/roof on top of it.

My favourite sign of the day, at Joe's Corner.
No wonder we eat eggs and not worms!! Worms are WAY too expensive!! 

They seem to have a great sense of humour........I think!
This was an interesting little corner at the beginning of town. A bit of Canadiana
everywhere, solo cup tree. My favourite!! 

This was actually dedicated to the victims of several mining accidents. 
Such history in these small places that we never really remember learning about.
Things that we need to know.....

Part of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail and part of the Trans Canada Trail.

Come on in.......
The touring around was quite interesting. Neither of us feels that we would come back up here. It is a bit of a haul on the twisty road and other than this little tour, not much else to do. Still, we really enjoyed our time here. We had heard lots about Tulameen and area so now we know. 
Thursday Sept 15th - We headed for home today. It was a really great trip away and we really felt like we had a break. Nothing beats coming home......except when your kids decide to "decorate" your house!!!! Yes, they have keys to our place. But don't worry, I have keys to their place and sooner or later, they will go away. We can just repay the favour and help them decorate their place too!! For the record, this is the second time they have done this to us and both Gus & Jasper thought it was hilarious except Gus thought they should take it all down when they were leaving! Pretty funny!!

'Cuz everyone keeps their shoes in the fridge, right?

Oh, and a toilet-papered bedroom!!

Good to be back on our own deck.

Welcome home..... 
Thanks for coming along. Hope you enjoyed our tour.
Thought for the Day:  Once a year go someplace you've never been before....Dalai Lama


  1. A really nice road trip! Gotta love those kids with decorating ideas...

  2. Such a clever little town. I always enjoy the thought of the day.