Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful wrap up to their year. First, a re-cap:

We spent a wonderful Christmas day at Josh's in-law's, Rick and Mel Beatty and the whole clan. We L-O-V-E this family. They are wonderful people. Everyone who enters here is welcome. 

We arrived back in Nanaimo on December 28th. Al & Colleen Unrau dropped by for a visit and spent New Years Eve with us and my sister, Susann & her daughter Lacey. Yup, we even made it past midnight - quite nicely I might add. (Some tequila shots were had...)

We headed back over to the mainland this past weekend for an Shower/Open House for Gus, our grandson. Lots of people dropped by for the "Gus-travaganza". A big shout out to Mary, Dayle and Hannah  Beatty (and Mel & Rick - again) for hosting this fun event. Gus and his parents, Josh & Kathy, were very spoiled and very happy to see everyone!!

We spent time with my Mom, Nadyne (always, thanks Mom for putting up with our comings and goings) and with our great friends, Bob & Danna ( They also always make room for us and we enjoy many late nights and many bottles of wine with them!! Thanks guys!!

About now you may be wondering WHERE are all the pictures??!!! Well, seems, after Doug (my Research & Development guy) spent lots of time checking it out, that Blogger is having some technical difficulties right now. They hope to have it fixed soon and then I will torture you all with more pictures (yes, even some of Gus.....)

Until then, just wanted everyone to know that we are still out here and to wish you all a wonderful 2013!!! 

Countdown has started to departure........16 days!!! (I know, almost as exciting as how many days I went without make-up, huh??)

Peace and Cheers
Beglaw out...... 

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  1. That means only 15 days til someone, Dago, turns the big 6-0. Just sayin...