Sunday, 16 March 2014

Anna Maria Island FL (Day 3)

Well, what do you know? Another birthday in our family!! This time we want to wish Deanna Bucholtz, (our nephew Brandon's wife) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.

We hope your boys were good to you and spoiled you all day long!! Happy Birthday from us here in Florida!!


Had a great brunch out today, right on the way back from a 12 mile round trip with the bikes! We love riding in Florida - no hills!! But, super great ride this morning!!

We first went over to Perico Island. It is a sanctuary type of place with many walking and biking trails. Love these types of rides. It was especially fun seeing all the cars lined up in traffic out on the roadway, waiting to come onto the island. Too bad they weren't on bikes!!




 Picture taking of picture taking!!


Doug, Mary, Alan & Nancy

We will  be leaving this lovely place tomorrow morning. We are headed south and then east. We are thinking of stopping in the Cypress National Park on our way east in one of the national park campsites. You know the drill, if you don't hear from us it just means there is no internet in the park. By Wednesday we will be in Sugar Loaf Key. We have reservations at a KOA. One of the few places we could get into. Believe me, we have learned that in Florida, you must pretty much make reservations at most places, state parks included!! We actually got a great price. $371 US, including taxes, for 7 nights. It's "expensive" for us but it's a bargain for this area. It is approximately 20 miles from Key West. Getting all the way down to Key West was one of our goals for this trip. Apparently there are shuttles that run up and down in the area so we won't have trouble getting down there but we will definitely have to take Euri down there for a photo-op!!!

Key West and Mile "0"....we are coming!!!!

I have to say, my uncle and aunt are quite the inspiration. They are a loving, devoted, fun and fit couple. They enjoy their family, friends and each other. That is a real gift, at any age, and I want to be "just like them" when I grow up!!!

Thanks Uncle Alan & Auntie Mary, for the inspiring few days together, the laughs and the hospitality. It's been WAY long overdue!! Good to know we can "crash" at your place!! I dedicate today's "Thought for the Day" to you both.......


Thought for the Day: "I do love nothing in the world as much as you"...William Shakespeare

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  1. Such a nice visit and post, Nancy. Great photos, too. Yes, I did have fun meeting RG Bond - we have lots in common and never needed to endure one blank space in the conversation! Hugs, guys.