Monday, 3 February 2014

Mustang Isl. to Fulton TX (44 Miles)

Wow, here we are. Another 44 miles down the road. We are at Goose Island State Park, just north of Fulton, TX. It sits near Copan Bay, behind San Jose Island, which is directly north of Padre Island. Goose Island State Park is actually on the mainland but protected by San Jose Island. These are really a long series of gulf shore islands, seemingly attached. First there is S. Padre Island (warm), then we were on Padre Island (windy) and now there is San Jose Island (in front of us, no wind but still cold). Attached to the north of here is Matagorda Island. But, if you look at them on a map, they all sort of run together. If you are on the protected side, like we are now (not like Mustang Island) the wind is quite a bit more calm. These coastal areas are pretty interesting. Case in point, when we were driving today, we checked the altitude and we were at 27 feet below sea level, wow!! For those following us on a map, we took Hwy 361 and then turned onto Hwy 35.

We drove around the state park a little more before we left this morning....

Just about as close as Euri will get to the Gulf of Mexico.
We actually could have driven down on the sand but we are always a little nervous.
Can you imagine us getting stuck with a tide incoming????


House just north of the park - now those stilts are smart!!
Just about 10 miles further down the road and we came to Port Aransas. We drove briefly around town. It is a typical beach community. An interesting collection of old and new houses with lots up on stilts. The house above is not actually in the town but just a little outside city limits.
While we were cruising, we came upon this huge day use area parking lot, right by the shipping channel that takes the big ships and tankers into Corpus Christy Bay. 


Pretty skinny channel and that's pushing a lot of water off the bow!!!

Must have been something to eat out in the channel as there were dolphins and
pelicans having a field day out there!!
We did not realize that we had to catch a ferry to head further up the coast but it was a great little surprize....and a great little ferry too!! It just goes across that same shipping channel that we saw the red ship headed up! And if you notice below, there is another green ship on it's way out of the channel. Pretty busy little spot. Guess it is still cheaper than building a huge bridge. It would have to be huge to get the ships underneath. There are at least 3-4 ferries running at any given time. They just scoot back and forth. No charge for this 3 minute ride.....



Once we crossed, we were just a few miles south of Fulton TX.

This bridge leads you into can see the new bridge going in beside it.


Carmen the Garmin tells us that we are driving on water!!
So, we thought we were just going to stop in here and check it out. We were pretty impressed and decided to stay on for at least 2 nights. 

We are at the end of a short row of spots, right looking over Copan Bay.
There are lots more spots, but there is this little group of 4 here
and right BESIDE the bathroom!!! Yea!!!
There is the bathroom - a thing of beauty that close (especially at night!!)

Each spot has it's own little shelter with a cool porch light inside, electric and water.... 

 ...and here is our view out the front window!!

Now, way over on the right side of the photo, just above that far BBQ stand,
you see two little white spots? Those are the other beach camping spots.
It's a long area along the water.....
Then we saddled up the bikes and rode around for awhile. First to the end of our area. We could see that there was a "wharf" that was pretty long. Turns out it is a fishing pier. The water is super shallow all under this long pier. I suspect that you could walk all the way out. Except for maybe the one area where the pier is raised up a bit. Take a look:

 There were a few people fishing, right at the arched part of the wharf.
They are catching this fish. It is called a Sheep's Head.
It is 15" long and unfortunately for this fish, that is just long enough to hit the frying pan.
Is it weird that I felt bad for him. I was secretly routing for the measuring tape to come up short....It is a beautiful fish and it reminded me of a clown fish in an aquarium....

Tons and tons of oyster shells on this spit. That is the far end of the wharf.... right here, at the end!!

Now, we are turning around and heading back. Pretty long, huh?
After this we rode over to the other part of the park which is the Lantana Loop in the trees. This area is also really nice and the trees are super cool, windswept oaks, all bent and gnarly. So nice to get the bikes out and ride...

The park is actually "dissected" by a large residential area with canals. We will
have to ride around these tomorrow...

Lantana Loop....

Huge Oak tree. This one has some braces, holding up some of the heavy low branches.
Believe it or not, there is also a tree that is 1,000 years old nearby that we
are going to ride to tomorrow.

Awesome camping sites. Most have water, electric and lots have sewer. Somehow they still managed to keep them really "park-like" looking.
The sites in the forest loop are $18 per night plus your user fee of $5 per person.
The beach loop ones are $22 per night plus that $5 per person user fee.... 

Isn't it pretty through here? Some sites aren't quite as private as others but
they are all really nice sites. I imagine in the summer when these oaks are all
in leaf it is spectacular through here....
And then we were back to the beach area we are staying in. Just before our "corner" there is this great area:

Just called that due to all the plant life naturally rotting in the surf.
Here comes our corner.....
This is our little corner, just past Stinky Beach. We are at the last shelter you see,
sort of in the middle of the picture. You just can't see Euri. Did I mention the bathrooms are right next door to us, but behind some trees so we really don't "see" them - perfecto!!
Wow, so once again we changed plans. We "thought" we were heading to Port O'Connor, about another 30-40 miles down the road (sorry Teagan & Shawn O'Connor...) but this place was just too good to pass up! Of course, one of the things that changed our minds is the strength of the wifi signal. Super great and that makes all the difference for us.
We will still be here tomorrow so we can do more cruising around on the bikes. We have to find that 1,000 year old tree. We may even stay on a few more days past that. We will see. Looks like, weather-wise, it may be nicer the next day or so, like around 14C to 19C (57F to 66F). Here's hoping so!! 
Thought for the Day: Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful....Albert Schweitzer


  1. Nice little spot, albeit still a bit chilly. I'm really enjoying your adventure. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Peter! We really like this park. We hear that Vancouver is about to get some "chill-factor" of it's own this week!!

      It's our pleasure to share with everyone!!

    2. You heard right, it's insultingly cold here, we are a bit offended. There is even talk of SNOW next week! How rude!