Friday, 8 February 2013

VdJ (Day 3): Garbanzo Roasting!

There are so many beautiful plants here. Barb & Sal have planted everything. I especially love the palm tree I showed you yesterday. Here are some more:

A view back to the giant fiesta tree...
This little orange tree, about 4 feet high, managed to produce this huge orange!!
Barb's watering truck. I think if Doug keeps telling her how great this truck is, she will put him to work watering ALL those plants!! He would probably enjoy it!!
Okay, enough plants, how about those donkeys?? Honestly, if you have never met one, you HAVE to come here. Little Senorita Fiona is new, a friend for Don Quioxte. It was epecially funny, when we came out of our class yesterday because Don Quioxte had tangled himself up on a tree. Even his hoof was wrapped right up against the tree trunk. Doug went to work right away to free him.....and Don Quioxte was very appreciative.I don't think Fiona cared less!!

Senor Don Quioxte...
Little Senorita Fiona...
Now, I do have to say, that it occured to me that Senorita Fiona was beginning to look at Doug and wonder what he tasted like. But, hey, someone has to take the picture, right. Besides, I had the Spanish homework and I wasn't leaving it around for the donkey to eat. Imagine telling the teacher that, "Oh, the donkey ate my homework!!"
Today we headed into the little town of Valle de Juarez (VdJ as I will now call it...), it's only about 2.4 kms away so it didn't take long. Here are our fellow passengers, Al & Colleen, just longing for a ride in Euri:
This is one of my favourite town squares.
Anyone need to sit for a spell?
This is such a super clean little town... 
Everyone searches for shade, even under the cars!! 
Fabric again, for my favourite sewers, Teagan, Danna & Diane!!
(Diane, this looks like your sewing room, all stacked up neatly!!) 
Lots going on here. Electrical man up the pole, masonory workers and laundry flapping!! 
Meat anyone? I love seeing this. I reminds that we aren't in Canada anymore.These differences are what we have looked forward to seeing. Too bad we can't do it there... 
We had a really nice lunch at Restaurante Troquero. Really nice garden out back (good call, Barb!) We loved it. I especially enjoyed it because the nice young senorita serving us did NOT speak any English. Doug is our "go-to" guy but we all tried our best and so did she. Love it!! 
After lunch, we wandered a bit more and then ourselves Doug's favourited dessert, palletas. They are like a frozen popsicle made with real juice and fruit. Well, actually Colleen had an ice cream!!

Kathy, Doug found you the ultimate package of straws!
I know, rice krispie squares just seem to follow me everywhere I go!!
Sal & Barb planted quite a little garden of garbanzo beans. I have never seen them "in the raw", only in cans (I know, such a city girl, I am....) I just thought they grew in the can...kidding!! Anyway, at happy hour, we were given VERY fine instructions on taking them off the plant and putting them in a huge bowl. After dinner we would be having a campfire and roasting the garbanzo beans.
 After we pulled the beans off, the donkeys get the greenery!
Everything is more fun at happy hour...
Plucked and ready for the fire...
Love this ladle....salt and extra plates.
Once they start to cook, Sal added a bit of water to steam them and some salt.
Then, he put the bowl, inverted, back on top and we waited....
You peel off the papery shell and eat the inside.
Look a bit different than the ones in the can, don't they?
One day, we will tell you the secret to the blue flames....
Anyone want more??
That's a wrap for us today. Not much was on the menu board when we started this morning but it was a fun day, nonetheless!! Plus who knew how to roast a garbanzo bean at the beginning of this post. Now you all do. They only problem will be where to find raw garbanzos!!
Tomorrow is market day. This is actually called a tianguis. Which is an open air market or bazaar that is traditionally held on certain market days in a town or city neighborhood in Mexico and Central America. Get ready for lots of pictures. We missed it last year so we are really looking forward to it!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Your new home is great! Love those donkeys, I want one........Maggie would have to share her bed. Your pictures are wonderful, you have an Artist's eye.........Love it!
    Roberto and Danna