Tuesday, 8 March 2016

La Penita (Day 7)

A storm is a brewin'....check out how the sky is changing already.

One thing about Mother Nature, you can TRY and hold back the sea
and you might even be successful for a spell, but not for long.....

Eventually, the sea will come right up to your morning coffee spot....

...and right under our chairs. Usually, just before this
point anyone sitting out here yells "Feet..."

Yup, here she comes.....

Looking up the side of the house. This is the view from where the van is.

Minutes later, this was the same view.
Hmmm, vaguely familiar to home!
The nice friends of Doug's sister, Ken & Sue, came over and picked us up for lunch today, despite the rain and wind. They drove us up to Chacala Beach, about 20 minutes north. Very beautiful area. It had already rained this morning so we weren't sure if Ken was going to want to drive. The roads have not seen any rain for months and the can really become like a skating rink. But, he is a tough Alberta guy and nothing stops him!! Roads were fine....
Fairly typical little Mexican beach town.

The ever present Coco-Cola truck...

We walk through this hotel lobby, Las Brisas
I think, to their restaurant at the front....

To a very well protected beach. Lots of swimming room here, unlike ours.

Well, I just had to celebrate with a Pina Colada.

Still very few people out on the beach due to the weather....

Okay, there must have been quite a storm at one point to put a chair up
on the palapa roof. Either that or it is a weird place to store your chairs!!

This little dog was very proud of the full-sized hot dog he had somehow got.
Looked around carefully for any other marauding friends who might want to steal it!
With that we were back home to continue our storm watching. It is always funny how you can check on the internet and the forecast constantly changes. Just shows how you cannot predict Mother Nature!
Strangely for us, it is stormy but very warm so we took advantage of the rough seas to scour the beach for beach glass. First you find a tiny piece, then a few more and before you know it, you have a pocketful (about 1 cup). Pretty impressive. I told Doug to get ready for tomorrow's scavenging session!!

You don't think they are looking for sea glass too, do you?

All the way back to fisherman's alley and then we turned and came back again....

Tonight's sunset.
Different everyday, especially with a storm on board.
Thanks for coming on by. We actually enjoyed the storm and it sounds like it is going to get MUCH worse tonight!! maybe you should heck on us tomorrow to see if we are still here!!
Thought for the Day: My best housekeeping happens in the 30 minutes before someone comes over.


  1. We heard it was pretty bad at the La Penita RV park, hope no trees came down around you. Stay safe.
    Just past fishermen's alley is the Las Brisas restaurant, Tiki's Bar, we would go at least once a week, Tiki the owner was great. Mango Margaritas were his specialty. Just don't go on Tianga day, very busy lunch time. See you soon.

  2. There were no problems when they came at 11 am yesterday but last night was the "big" hit so hopefully no one had trees down. We are surrounded by palms and with the direction of the wind, they wouldn't hit us. But HIGH wind!!! Phew.....

    Too bad we didn't know about Tiki's Bar sooner! Leaving tomorrow so it will have to be another time!! See you soon is right!

  3. Rain around Doug and Nancy, amazing!!! lol Don't get washed out to sea because we would miss your posts too much.

  4. It's very stormy here in Langley today, enormous gusts and rain. I'd prefer a Mexican storm.

    1. I think I do too, if not only for the warmer temperatures!!