Wednesday, 13 August 2014

White Rock BC to Whistler BC (172 Kms=107 Miles)

Love this drive up to Whistler. It isn't very far so you are there before you know it. Travelling on the legendary "Sea to Sky" highway is a breeze, especially since all the improvements were done for the 2010 Olympics.

We did find it a "little" humorous that it has been warm and sunny for nearly a month now and we are camping and it is now raining!!



Nice and tidy and a beautiful bathroom building just at the end of this road.
Cost is $47.70 per night with our BCAA discount. We booked in the fall as it is a pretty popular spot in the summer, especially with Crankworx here too!!

Small sites but super nice. They do their best to match the length of your vehicle with a corresponding site. You don't get a lot of extra length but that's okay for us.

The obligatory glass of wine to start thing off right!!
Surprisingly, it stopped raining and we had a great bike ride into town. At just 1.2 kms, it takes only 10 minutes (at our speed) to get there. We just locked up the bikes and wandered around for a bit. 



Just a small peak at the downhill race track.....
See that "cabin" on the left. they will actually be flying off that
at some time during the competition.....

Fast approaching.....

...and over he goes!!



Lots of fun party people, out and about!!
So, it turned out to be a really nice evening!! See you all tomorrow!!
Thought for the Day: Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it.


  1. Was that you or Doug upside down off that ramp ... ha ha.

    We took a Pleasureway camper van on the Sea to Sky highway, but we were coming from Cache Creek going to Whistler a few years ago.

    What a nightmare!! I have experience in the mountains, and know not to ride the brakes, to downshift etc, but the declines were so steep, and there were hairpin corners at the bottoms.

    There were no shoulders and no pull offs for miles. I can honestly say I was not sure we would make it through unscathed!!

    When we finally could get pulled over, the brakes were smoking, and Teresa literally burst out in tears!!

    As I recall the "obligatory glass of wine" turned into a "bottle" of wine that night!!

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Hi guys - I replied to this note but I don't see it here. You were coming the opposite way, from north to south. That drive over Mt Currie is amazing but very twisty and high. We have done it before, last year in September. You can check an old blog post for the pictures. We loved it. The "Sea to Sky" from the Vancouver area to Whistler is really a lovely drive and not "white knuckle" at all.

      Thanks for checking in!

  2. Hi Doug and Nancy:
    I've been remiss with both reading and writing posts; I feel a need for a Doug and Nancy fix! I'm still housesitting, but living in Floribunda, at my sister-in-law's house in Redding (you've passed by here on I-5!). They'll be home tomorrow from their RV jaunt up and down the coast of CA and OR - nice for being able to get out of the heat for several weeks. I'm planning to stay here pared in their RV driveway for probably another month - with electricity and water. Hope all is well with you - it seems so because you're out and about in Euri again. You two must be among the World's foremost authorities on camping in a Eurovan. My sister-in-law has one too - although they're not in it on this trip as they also have a nice 29-ft Class C. They're thinking of driving the Eurovan to Mexico next winter and then renting an apartment in/near Sayulita for a few months.
    I have lots of news about adventures coming up but will post on my blog as they become solidified. Love you guys!

    1. Thanks MP - We have certainly spent a lot of time in Euri over this past year, haven't we? Good to hear from you!! We will keep our eyes on your blog for your updates!