Thursday, 1 May 2014

Avon NC (Day 3)

Happy Birthday to our nephew  Kyle Beglaw, who lives in Medicine Hat, AB. We hope that you have a great day!
Hope you are enjoying your day!!
I really, really have nothing worthy of reporting to you all. We did our expenses for the month of April and with all our tours, races, 4 hotel nights, restaurant meals......well let's just say it wasn't pretty. Oh well. We will move on from there and try not to look back and try NOT to repeat it going forward....
Small bit of trivia. This area is affectionately known as OBX - for Outer Banks. I told you it was a "small" bit of trivia........
We met some nice travellers in this park today. Peter and Dorothy from Berlin, Germany. They have ben travelling in a camper van, custom-made in Germany, for the past year. This is actually their second tour of the US. They had the van shipped over from Hamburg to Baltimore MD. They even have gone across Canada as far as Nanaimo, so when we told them that was where we lived, they remembered exactly what we were talking about. Super interesting travellers. We loved their van!! It was a bit taller than Euri with more amenities (......insert bathroom here) while still managing to keep a very small footprint. They get about 23 miles per gallon on their diesel engine. They had it built a bit higher so they would have bigger cupboards on the top for more storage. I believe what I have is called "van-envy"!!!
I have this thing when I travel that I like to look at and collect license plates. Well, not "collect" in the sense that I steal them, but I write down where they are from. (I know, weird, right?). We have been gone so long now that I am proud to say I have managed to write down 49 states. It took a long time to get that 49th plate from Rhode Island. I mean really, I know it's a small state but I was beginning to think that those people NEVER went on holiday. Someone finally did because I saw it when we were in Key West. So, the only outstanding plate is Hawaii. Come on!! WHERE are you people?????
We have just paid for 3 more days at Sands of Time, sounds like a soap opera doesn't it? We will leave here on Sunday and drive up to Quinby VA to another Passport America park there. Another good rate....after last month, we need good rates!! The park is really nice here. Only complaint is that the little bathroom building is on a well, while the rest of the park is on city water. I guess years ago there was a hurricane that came through and ever since then, the water in the well has turned "brackish". Which, short of a super scientific explanation, makes the water smell like rotten eggs - sulphury. Pretty gross. But, that is the only thing wrong with it. Otherwise we are very comfortable and can ride (as you saw yesterday) to lots of things. Too bad they never converted the bathroom building to the city water too.
We headed out for a little bike ride this afternoon, to find bread and milk. We ended up riding about 11 kms. Guess that's an okay ride.......
So, that's it for tonight. Feels like rain is coming as the wind has really picked up again. Last night we had quite the thunder storm and lots of rain and this morning about 7 am the lightning came back (with a vengeance) and it brought it's buddies thunder and rain. So, we did what anyone in our position would do. We rolled over and went back to sleep. By the time we got up, the sun was shining and pretty much everything was dry again.
Thought for the Day:  Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.


  1. Yeah, I figured from the month you had that it was going to add up. I was starting to think you had won the lottery...

    1. Oh no, nothing that wonderful!! I am expecting the bank president to call any day now....ouch!! Well, at least that is behind us now and we should be able to actually get through DC and NY on a better note - surprisingly!!

  2. If the day ever comes that Euri just doesn't want to be at your beck and call a van like that might be worth considering, especially with the toilet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was great. We just returned to Euri after having had an interesting few hours of visiting with Peter and Dorothy. Super great little van!! But, we still love our Euri!!

  3. I know what van/RV envy is as I've experienced it many times. Euri has been very good to you and deserves all the credit he can get. And, even with some of the limitations you have, you've certainly put together a life experience worth that's making lots of folks envious.

    1. You are absolutely right, my, back to your physio!!!