Monday, 8 April 2013

VdJ (Day 50): Euri comes home and a birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our great nephew, Mason Bucholtz!!! He will turn 1 year old, tomorrow! Only 18 more and we can meet you at the pub, little guy!!

 Neco, the trusty Hacienda Contreras guard dog....

All the camp kitties!!
The little grey and white one looks like he is reading the sign!!
Word of the Day: Brisa (bree-sa)
Yes, some days it is breezy here but for the most part we are glad for it as it cuts down the heat a bit!!
Well, the "other" exciting news is that Euri came home today. His face lift was a great success. He is a 20 year old camper-extraordinaire and the new paint job looks wonderful. We are very happy. We decided to remove the awning. We will be getting an "add-a-room" for the side. Should make a really big difference when we go to pack up for the day for exploring or just grocery shopping. Lots quicker!!

All in all, Doug is pretty happy. When it comes to "the car thing", if Doug is happy, everyone is happy. We have a few "body-men" friends out there, Kevin and Pete, we think you would approve!! We teetered on the edge of getting rid of Euri for something maybe a little bigger. We came to our senses and we are both pleased!! A few minor changes in some equipment we have on board and we will be ready to continue our explorations of Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A. Look out everyone!!
So, ends another day here in Valle de Juarez, MX. Oh, just one other thing. You know you are in good with the "landlord/camp owner" when she delivers cookies to you.....iced and everything!! See, it is practically perfect here......
All you campers that left already....too bad!!!!! 
No tea yet as it is just time to get dinner ready!! Later though!!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Looks great based on the glad you're happy. Good deal!

  2. Kevin and Ruth, I am new to your blog. I am wondering if you are fulltime RVers. If so, do you live in the VW ?

    1. Hi jmsjaz!! Welcome to our blog. We are Doug and Nancy. Guess you also read Kevin and Ruth's blog too!! They are good friends of ours!!

      To answer your question, NO, we do not live in the VW. We travel in the VW and live in the Vancouver, BC area. We really enjoy travelling in the van-great gas mileage!! We are now in our 2nd tour of Mexico. Each year we spend more and more time in Euri!!

      Thanks for riding along with us!!

  3. Wow! Euri looks awesome!!! Congrats, you two! Might need to pick up some new anteojos de sol to help deal with the shine factor.
    Salud, amigos!

  4. Euri looks great!!!! Can't wait to check him out in person, counting down!!!!!!!
    Danna and Roberto

  5. Fantastic facelift for Euri. She can go at least another 20 years. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night in SMdA. We've (Terri, Mike, Renate and I) planned dinner out so don't get too tired on the trip! Hugs to all at la Hacienda..

  6. Hugs have been delivered to all here at HC!! See you soon!!