Monday, 4 March 2013

Lo de Marcos (Day 3)

We REALLY are not sure how it is that we manage to while-away an entire day. In fact, since we have retired, we seem to have developed it into a kind of science!! Today was no exception. 

I have to say that when you spend an extended period of time down here, you start to think that the rest of the world is actually experiencing the very same type of weather. That somehow, you are just far away from family and friends. We were awakened to this reality when our daughter, Teagan and her husband Shawn, emailed to say that they were on their way home from a little birthday get-away for Shawn in the mountains of BC and a raging snowstorm hit Alberta and they had to take cover in Banff, AB. Yes, there certainly are worse places to take cover but it reminded us, quite rudely, that the rest of the world is not basking in 30 degree weather and sunshine. Hope all our Canadian friends made out okay. I know Vancouver has had it’s share of loads of rain but I believe they are getting a small respite from it all this past weekend. Happy for you guys for sure!! Hope Alberta has begun to dig out from that crappy, late season snowstorm and we hope it is the last you all will see!! We really do wish you could all be here for some “sunshine therapy”!!
Just rode into town, which sounds like quite the task but I have to admit that it is actually only 3 blocks away. But, doesn’t “ride into town” sound so much more eventful?? We like this town but the more and more we see of it we wonder what has happened to all the town people? So many homes just abandoned, dirty and mis-kept. I, ad-nauseum, keep making references to Valle de Juarez. Our beautiful little mountain “adopted” home town. You just do not see the “raggedness” there. Strangely though, there are so many “snowbirds” here, willing to accept the untidiness, when a beautiful little spot like Valle de Juarez seems to “fly under the radar”. Guess we can be glad for that. The folks that come to Hacienda Contreras are a wonderful lot. We enjoy meeting them all and we love to see Sal & Barb busy at their lovely RV park. We really look forward to “going home” in a few days. The other thing at the beach is the higher cost of everything. Time to get back to our budget!! I digress, here are just a few photos of our ride. Still looks pretty:
Waiting for dinner to cook...
...and so it is!!
Waiting for sunset...
...and that's it. Day is done!
Have a great evening or day or whatever it is you are having!! We are half way through tea and cookies!!

Cheers friends!! 


  1. Awww...Nancy, you say such sweet things. Muchas gracias.

  2. Yep, we are also looking forward to getting back "home"too. We will see you there really soon.

    Love the sunset pictures by the way!

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. My vicarious Mexico getaway will be ending in a few days. And our real Mexican getaway will begin. We are taking a more "conventional" approach though - flying to Cancun, bus south, then a week at a resort near Playa del Carmen.
    Buenes noches amiga and amigo
    Dale, Sue and Chelsea