Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lo de Marcos (Day 2)

Well, there is something to be said for getting your dinner done BEFORE dark…..

Last night, we were a bit late getting our turkey hot dogs on the grill, but we did get them done. However, IF we had done them in the light we just may have noticed that each and every one of them had plastic wrap on them, despite the fact that they were all packaged in one plastic package. Duh. Oh well. We just picked it off best we could and we will hope for a limited amount of carcinogens in our systems!! Remember my motto: “Many people have eaten in my kitchen and gone on to live perfectly normal lives”…might have to re-adjust on that one.
Today we awoke to the sound of crashing waves. Love that. We had a late and leisurely breakfast. Pretty gourmet stuff. Eggs, toast and the rest of those pesky turkey wieners, now disguised as sausages. (Yes, we took the skins off….you cheeky people!!)
SO much better without baked on plastic wrap on them!!
We were here last year, at the end of the first week of May. We were the only campers here. There were a couple of ladies staying in the tall little structure (casita) by the front gate. It is strange to see all the spots filled and with such big rigs!! Here we are:
Looking left of us, towards the water...
...and to the right and the front gates. On the right and upstairs is the little casita.
Boat ride, anyone??
NOTHING else was accomplished. Are you surprized? I think not!! We went for a lovely walk on the beach. I cannot seem to walk on the beach without picking up assorted shells and or rocks. It’s a sickness I have, I am sure.  
This shows how "winterized" this beach is. Last year, we were
so much later and this ridge wasn't here!!
A "sort of" shelter...once upon a time!!
I don't know why, but this is my favourite shot of the day...
Any time is margarita time....
(Barb, we miss our freezer!! Had to ride to town for ice!!)
Almost feel like I have to apologize for this picture....
...or this one
Okay, I'll stop.
Then we managed to crawl our way back for margaritas and then dinner (yes, in the sort of daylight!) Well, one thing that did really bug me today. There is a big palapa here, right up near the fence by the beach. Last year we noticed that there was a family of little bats living up, way up, in the top by the stringers. This year, once again, I noticed that 2 little bats were up there again and I said something to Doug, as he was visiting with a lady. She says, and I quote: “Oh, are they back again, I just throw rocks at them and make them go away. They make a mess of the tables and chairs.” I think she saw the look of horror on my face and quickly she added: “Oh, I mean I spray water at them”. Really? I mean, really?? You chuck rocks at them?? Sometimes I don’t like my own kind very much, at all….

Tomorrow, we will ride in town with the bikes. It costs us $300ps per night here (beach prices suck). That is about $24 US per night. The same fellow, Ceasar, who owns this property also owns a little building with bungalows about 5 minutes away. Sound pretty nice and they rent for $250ps per night. HOLD IT…..why did we do ALL this set-up again???? Anyway, we will go check them out and see if they are worthwhile for renting for “next time”.

G’night everyone. Missing all my kids tonight. Love you guys!!

Cheers friends!!


  1. Well, one thing that did really bug me today.

    Speaking of which, how are the bugs?

    Most of the RV parks charge way too much money for an RV parking spot when you consider what you can rent a cabana for. But, if the market will bear it, then good for them. I think we stopped into that park last November and it was almost empty and we asked for a drycamping price and he wouldn't budge. We ended up parking in front of some local guys house!

    1. No bugs on the beach and just a few little "no-see-ems" at camp. Enough though that you have to close the van door as soon as it starts to get dark.

  2. Your freezers awaits you. When you are around more people, you miss your kids less. Hugs from the interior.

    1. Back in for more ice, darn those margaritas! Thanks for the hugs. Still miss my kids though!

  3. Ah, it was YEAR ago November that we were there!