Friday, 1 March 2013

Bucerias (Day 3)

First, officially, Happy Birthday, to Shawn & Bruce!!

I promised a peak of our room here at Marco's Place. Cute little place and, like I said yesterday, really nice owners!! Very basic and clean little spot.....

Nice view from the kitchen!!
Today was the day to head into Dreams Villa Magna to be guests of Bruce & Cindy's at their resort for the day. Wow, was that ever nice of them to arrange that!
We started out the day in a bit of a rush because there is a constant confusion of time zones between the P.V. area and Bucerias. Bucerias is, technically, in a different time zone and state (even if you check on the computer) than the P.V. area, but, they "unofficially" adopt the P.V. time zone. It doesn't show up that way on a comuter check though. We fell into this trap and were lally-gaggiling along when I checked with the front desk and they advised me that it was one hour later than we thought so we had to kick it into high gear to run and find a cab to get there in time!!
What a place!! Check out these photos:
View from their room....
I think that this happy couple looks like they
belong on the beach, don't you??
Okay, we like the beach too!!
What a gorgeous place this is!!
After breakfast and hanging out at the pool (yes, with some nice fellow bringing us drinks, constantly - Sue, are you listening?) We did our beach walk and then headed back upstairs to shower and get ready for some appetizers up on the top floor, outdoor lounge... 
Just a little speck now...

Cindy, am I really that much taller than you or are you sitting in a divit?
(I think you're shrinking....just sayin'!!)
Some snazzy drinks then it was time to head back downstairs
to the Portofino restaurant.....
Bruce, Happy Birthday!!
Hold it, I think that one waiter is having a bit TOO much fun at this party!!!
No real birthday is a party without something on fire!!!
Great show, thanks Luis!!!
Well, that was quite a day. We have never been to an all-inclusive before so we were very impressed. Puts to rest all those rumours about all inclusives being just big buffets. Right from the beautiful breakfast, poolside service, lunch outside, rooftop martini deck to this restaurant. All first class. Wow...
Now, that is a wrap. No need for tea tonight as we are stuffed full. Great, great day with our friends! Thanks again, Bruce and Cindy. Safe travels home mis amigos, and we will see you back there!!
Tomorrow we leave here and head about 1 hour north on the coast to Lo de Marcos. We will see what RV park we can get into. Until then.....
Cheers friends!!


  1. Nothing wrong with getting spoiled every now and again, is there??!!

    1. You got that right!! Now, it's back to reality, but that's okay in this beautiful sun!!