Monday, 20 April 2020


I am trying (since I seem to have an abundance of time on my hands) to keep up a little with this pathetic little blog. Oh, it was much more interesting at one time with all types of adventures but right now it is in a holding pattern (and of the worst kind). Oh well.....

So, just a little walk around the neighbourhood. It may be COVID-19 but the flowers don't care. I particularly love my dandelions so that is always my motivating factor in flower taking pics.

See for yourself, the beauty that surrounds us.....

No need to ask this little guy to grow. Right in the middle of a construction site. 
Everything else plowed down and out he pops.

Lots of people have asked me over the years why dandelions are my favourite flower. This is why (and what I tell my grandsons). Dandelions are tough. They have a mind of their own. They will grow where ever and whenever they want. From the tiniest crack, to be edge of a building where there seems to be no soil, to the most lovely manicured golf course. They are often the first flower out for the bees thus providing much needed nectar. Plus, much to the utter dismay of precision gardeners, no matter what they do, they keep reappearing every year. It's their little way of thumbing their petals at us all!!

However, just to give props to the other lovely flowers around our 'hood:


Couldn't resist this lovely Monkey Puzzle tree.

Laugh for the day.....
New building going up around the corner. Guess they have to get the 
bathroom up there somehow. Just hope no one was/is in it! (Can you imagine???)

COVID be damned. There is still a lot of beauty in the world. I hope you are all well and trying to enjoy and relish in the "down-time" we have been handed. I also understand that this is a very stressful time for many people. Please, remember to reach out for help. Sometimes just a phone call to a friend or loved one can help.There are also a lot of government sponsored programs to help with anxiety, depression, loneliness. Please take care of yourself. 

Hang in there world - it will get better.

Peace out.

Thought for the DayGreat things are done by a series of small things, brought together....Vincent Van Gogh


  1. We fried dandelions “ they were delicious. Rinse, soak in water with a little vinegar, rinse, egg, flour or corneal. Better than morels I think.

  2. I really need to know the story of the portapotty. Flowers are always nice to see, even on the internet.

  3. Lots of people don't think twice about having to use the washroom but if you are a contractor working on a Highrise and nature comes a calling it's nice not to have to go down to the ground for relief.
    Dandelions also make great wine.
    Nice flower pictures.
    Your Blogging will once again pick up. Looking forward to them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Social Distancing.

    It's about time.

  4. I have no problems with danelions...I can make tea, add it to salads, etc. Flowers are is beautiful and home to many, many species of plants and animals.

  5. Great blog Nancy. Love all the flowers. The poor dandelions can't grow in our rock yard.

  6. Thanks everyone for all the kind words!

  7. Yes there is a lot of beauty out there and this post is one of them. Stunning flowers. Love your analogy of the dandelion, never thought of it that way. Please stay safe.