Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Alaska Cruise Part 2

Welcome to Juneau......

Crazy, this cruising thing. Going to bed in one place and waking up in another. We just wish we could have seen all the beautiful scenery gliding past us. Once it's dark, it's REALLY dark and you see nothing in the wilds of Alaska!!

Other than Doug going on the Salmon fishing trip with my Mom and brother, we planned no "tours" We preferred to just wander about town. It is a bit hard to wander with so many others around. We just smile and enjoy. 

Shake a leg  it's Juneau time!! Come on........

Opened the curtains and this is what we saw.....

Mom and Mark heading out with us for a walk....

Fish processing plant. Good to see that there is actually
something other than cruise ships that use these docks.

Okay, I just like the sign. It made me laugh all day....

That's the Star Princess, the middle ship. Just a wee little thing!

Carmen, Doug & Nancy 

We took a little tour in an old wooden trolley bus. Although it wasn't really a "tour" arranged through the cruise lines, we just went on our own. 
I think it cost us about $20 US each so it wasn't too expensive.

Beautiful hump back whale statue/fountain. Loved it.

Famous Red Dog Saloon. My Mom loves this place!! Probably due partly because 
we (Doug and I) had Scottish Terriers for about 20 years and if you look, 
that is the dog on the logo.

Quite the crazy saloon. See the bear climbing up the centre pole?


To these two guys as well!

Love the drink names.....

Doug liked the logo on this crab shack.
Look closely below: 

She has beautiful crab legs!!

Just starting to pull out.

Thanks Juneau - what a beautiful little town,
and it's the capital of Alaska!!

Another round of family Shuffleboard....
notice all the shorts?

The end of another gorgeous Alaska day. See, what did I tell you.....pretty much nothing but sunshine and blue skies. Very, very unusual for this time of year

We really are so, so fortunate to have this experience with my Mom, aren't we?

Peace - see you in Skagway...... 

Thought for the DayYou're off to great places, Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way....Dr. Seuss

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