Monday, 11 September 2017

Roadtrip time - Part Two

Friday Sept 8th - We left Medicine Hat bright and early, before sunrise!! I know, shocking, right?

Once again, Doug behind the wheel (I know, one day I will "possibly" get comfortable with this whole towing thing).

I don't know, he looks pretty comfortable with the driving chores.
Besides, I am comic relief, that's always been my job.....

Part way to Lethbridge. So much smoke still.....

Near Fort MacLeod
So if you have followed this blog for awhile, you might remember me posting pictures of this old house in Creston....maybe, maybe not. It was my Grandparent's house (my Dad's Mom & Dad). We spent many summers here. Somehow I remember it being so much more grandiose. It was certainly so much nicer when they owned it. Full of gardens, flowers, veggie garden, lovely picket fence. You can't see the bunkhouse in the back but my Dad slept in there with all his brothers. Such good memories of walking up to town with my Grandpa.   

The roof was a beautiful red but time just marches on......
Through Creston and up Hwy 3A to Kootenay Bay and the ferry to Balfour then a quick drive to the Nelson area. Love this drive, it is so pretty. Very twisty but super pretty.
(oh, and smokey!!!! Yes, still!).  
The little detour through Creston on my
 "trip down memory lane" (again), cost us as we missed the ferry.

Little bit of a wait, but not too bad.

You can just make out the trailer near the front.

Can hardly see the water......sheesh!!

See, Doug is still smiling after that rather l-o-n-g driving day!

Friday Sept 8th - Got ourselves all set up on Friday at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. It really is a beautiful park with, guess what, the Kokanee Creek running through it (complete with spawning Kokanee salmon). Headed into the kids' place to see our little Rudy (and the parents too!). It was a pretty quick visit as bedtime was fast approaching (for Rudy and us).

Home away from home.....

Saturday Sept 9th - Today there is a car show in downtown Nelson, so let's go!!


A wine delivery truck!

A welcome break at Waits Cafe for a "real" milk shake. 

Our little sweetheart, Rudy.....he is quite the camera ham!!

Grandpa horsing around with Rudy....

Our Teagan with her little man....

Ha ha - these grandparents will do anything for a picture with me!!

Sunday Sept 10th - Teagan and Rudy came out for pancakes (Shawn was working). It was fun having them at "our place"!

Of course it's Mickey Mouse pancakes!!!

Rudy was suitably impressed, for a one year old!

All too soon they had to head back to town so Doug & I explored the creek area and went for lots of lovely walks around the park. There is a very active bear in the park, naturally due to all the handy fish at his/her disposal. Kinda like a bear's version of a drive through restaurant!!

Visitor Centre at the park....

This spawning channel was built by volunteers and is regularly cleaned and monitored.
Kokanee salmon never made it back to the ocean after they were trapped here by the retreating glacier so they are one of the only fresh water salmon. Pretty interesting.....

See why the bears are quite happy here?

Lots of the walking trails were closed off and when we were walking back, a young lady jogging turned around and ran back towards us as the bear had just crossed in front of her on the campground road......phew!! Everyone is pretty good about keeping clean campsites and the bear are WAY too interested in the salmon to care about us all.

Love our little box of wine. We will discuss this whole bear thing here.....

Monday Sept 11th - Spent another day at the park just wandering around. Teagan, Shawn & Rudy came for dinner. But before they get here, here is a quick little tour of the trailer.

Thanks goodness for battery operated lights!

We wouldn't be in our happy place without a little help from Lobi, the lobster
knife from Nova Scotia and his snappy Nova Scotia tartan tie......
oh, and the bear bell at the top (how appropriate!)

Shawn & Rudy....

"Hey guys, let's go this way to see all the red fish.."

Our lovely little Nelson family!

There is always something to play with at Grandma's trailer..... a big Grandpa in a chair!!
Heading out on Tuesday the 12th, stay tuned for part three!!
Thought for the Day: Like the sign on the bus said at the car show "we who live in the past are doomed to enjoy it"

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