Friday, 11 August 2017

Half way through

About now during the summer is usually when I start to feel a bit panicky. We are more than halfway through summer. Don't get me wrong, I love fall too but after fall comes....well, never mind.

Update on our beautiful Rudy.......Fairly insignificant fact to most but the little dish Rudy is eating his blueberries out of belonged to Doug's Mom (Rudy's Great Grandma) and we can remember her using it many times. Teagan wanted it so it is cool to see Rudy using it too. Love nostalgia things. Memories, they matter most.

Love this gorgeous little boy so much....
Our lovely Nelson family.....
We took a great "tiny" trip down to the beach on the transit bus. I mean, the ride was all of 6 minutes long but the boys LOVED it! Doug says get them used to public transit early!
If you know my blog.....there is ALWAYS a foot shot somewhere.

We spent the whole day just hanging at this pot, digging in the sand, eating snacks, playing in the water. So much my Tuesday "grandson" day. 

"Look Jasper, a dead crab.....wanna touch it? No thanks....."
What a great day at the beach......
We started a new summer tradition. Meet at White Rock Beach Beer Company for a few wobbly pops. We have to sincerely thank them for making all of us welcome, kids included. It's so nice to be able to take them with us. Love it Check them out...... ( 
Then we ride our bikes over to the Ay Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant on Johnston Road, order delicious take-out and ride to the local park for a picnic. Love it!!!!


Jasper and neighbour Ivy, ride in the bike trailer behind Josh
but Gus rides his own bike there, between all the adults.

Bon appetite!!
Josh, Jasper, Gus, Ivy, Shannon, Brandur
Doug & Kathy
Happy summer everyone!!
Thought for the Day: Tibetan Proverb….Eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.


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  1. Kids and mud, always a great conbo! Life is good in White Rock.