Monday, 3 July 2017

Lots of Celebrating.....

Long post, get ready. lots of pictures (surprize). Maybe a bathroom break and a refill of the beverage glass might be in order before you read! 

June 20th - Hard to write about your own birthday, but I did have one. I had a great day looking after Gus & Jasper. Josh & Kathy made a great dinner, Doug supplied cake and it was basically an awesome day.

Just gets better with these two....
Cake, a few days, earlier, with my Mom.
Yes, it was my "birthday season" as my friend, Danna, calls it!
June 23rd & 24th - Doug and I headed out by ourselves (gasp....) to the Bench Campground, part of Sasquatch Lake Provincial Park. It is just up on the east side of Harrison Hot Springs, BC It was beautiful and warm. We really lucked out....
Getting our new set-up dialed in, slowly!!

Doug in his happy place, cooking breakfast outside.

Small lake, Deer Lake. It did have warnings about "swimmers itch"
already so we will have to see how that goes as
the summer goes on and the lake warms up.

Super nice boardwalk, linking two parts of the campground.

Love is always around you.....

After all that walking around, time for a nice beverage (or two....)

So, we are tweaking the inside d├ęcor. No, those are not real candles. 

July 1st - Canada Day. Wow, what a privilege to live in this great country of ours. I really should have done much more on this but it is Canada's 150th birthday. We are proud to be Canadians and we hope we always let the world know that. More importantly, we want our three grandsons to know how important this great country is. Thanks Canada....

Thanks to our dear friend, Barb. This fabric was given to us in Mexico
by our lovely American friend, to come home to Canada! Multi-national love!!

Made a pennant for the boys too to help celebrate.....
Look at them holding cute.

July 1st - We walked down to the pier and promenade to
check out the official Canada Day festivities.....


Yes, there really is a white rock in White Rock!!

Someone's lovely backyard on our hike back up to our place....

Hey - that's our place!

So, my bakers arrived, just in time to decorate our special Canada Day cake.
Yes, they ate just a few of the decorations!!

Almost one M&M for every person in Canada!!

Love these two little guys, to the moon and back!

Even though the deck isn't "huge", it still can host a great Canada Day party!!
Classic Jasper - this kid constantly cracks us up!!

....just waiting for the fireworks to start.

One little boy was a tiny bit scared of the noise.
Yes, it's still going......told you to be ready!!
July 2nd - Our 40th wedding anniversary!!
Wow - who could believe it would last this long (kidding)!! I have spent everyday of this time with my best friend, so I consider myself pretty darn lucky!! Kathy and Josh put together a wonderful party for us up on the roof of my Mom's North Vancouver apartment building. So much fun and thanks to everyone for coming to help us celebrate!

 Can't see Don and Danna in the background and my sister, Julie had already left....

So with that, I will sign off and let you all take a bathroom break!! Thanks so much for always checking in with me.
As I mentioned, way back, it is hard to do posts when one is working everyday but I do try and keep you up to date on what is current with us. One day, we will go back to our "long-haul" travels!! Until then, these posts will have to do.

Thought for the Day: Love the life you live and live the life you love….Bob Marley (thanks Carol Sirimarco)


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  1. Congrats to a great couple on 40 years. The next 40 will be even better. We had our 50th last October so I know what I am talking about. lol Hopefully, we'll see you again sometime down the road.