Saturday, 20 May 2017

Mother's Day and May Fun

Mother's Day.....

Both Doug and I are very fortunate to have such great Moms in our lives. They have both given all of themselves to both of our families. They have loved, nurtured, laughed with us and cried with us.  Short of sounding like a Mother's Day card from the drugstore, we love them dearly and are thankful for them every day.

My Mom, Nadyne.

Doug's Mom, Helen.

Amazing women.....we are so blessed.

Doug's Mom lives in Medicine Hat where his brother and sister (and their families) also reside. They had her very busy and we know how she loves to see them all. We just wish we were closer so we could see her more too.

We are doubly blessed to have two more beautiful women in our lives. Our daughter Teagan and daughter-in-law, Kathy. There's no need to explain this amazing "motherhood" role to them. They both relish in it. The good days and the tough ones. There are so many things I want to tell them yet it's so hard to find the words. Those little boys are so lucky to have such strong, caring, devoted and loving Mom's. They can do anything........



Mother's Day found us at my Mom's in North Vancouver. I have to say my "job" as a Mom is my best one (well, other than being a "grand-mother" of course). My two kids have made me a very proud momma and I love them so much.......

The view from the top of Mom's building, looking west.
It has a beautiful rooftop patio for all to enjoy....


Looking north at the North Shore mountains
 Chess set-up
Oh no....carnage on the chess board!!!
It's been a clear win by the white team!!!
Nelson check in......
Rudy...growing fast, isn't he??

It's the May L-O-N-G weekend!!

It really is a miracle. We made it through the cold and rain of the winter, a soggy and cold spring and now we are 2/3 of the way through spring and it's FINALLY sunny and warm. Phew.....

We were prepping to go camping to Golden Ears Provincial Park. Josh, Kathy & boys headed up there on Thursday and snagged a spot but it was only for the night and despite Josh's very early morning jaunt down to the ranger station, he was #6 on the wait list. Only the first 4 campers got the remaining spots for the rest of the weekend. Doug and I were all ready to head up right after work to share a spot with them but it was not to be. Bummer. It would have been our second trip out with our "new to us" little trailer. Guess it will have to wait until next weekend when we have reservations at Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park.

But, there is still lots of weekend left to enjoy in the sun here in town....

We headed out to Redwoods Park in Surrey to have a picnic with the kids and their friends. Loved it. Here's a bit of history from the parks website.....

"The unique forest found at Redwood Park is a legacy of Peter and David Brown, twin brothers born to one of Surrey's earliest pioneering families. In 1893, their father gifted them this large plot of land, logged and ripe for farming. However, the brothers instead filled the vast space with their favourite trees from all around the world. Fully committed to their forest sanctuary, the eccentric duo built a treehouse where they lived in solitude until their deaths in 1949 and 1958. Today, a replica of their treehouse stands in the centre of the park."

One of the really cool things about this park, besides the obvious beauty, is the trail area where people have started putting little "fairie" houses. People, well mostly the little kids, paint houses, of all shapes and sizes, and then they leave them around in this one clearing and connecting trail area for the forest fairies to come and stay in at night. So much fun for the kids to poke about and find the hiding places (some not so hidden) and imagine the little folk who live in them at night. You should hear the kids, all squealing with delight. Everywhere you look, high in the trees, down low in the ferns, you can find houses. People are really good about just leaving them alone. We loved it!
Just some of the impressive meadow areas and spectacular
trees planted by the Brown Bros.
.The replica of the Brown Brothers tree house. What a place to live!
Well, so far, that's our start of the long weekend. Loving the sunshine that's for sure. I will check in later all.
Thought for the Day: As the sign in the forest says "Have courage and be kind".


  1. Beautiful post and nice tribute to both your moms! Sorry you couldn't get into Golden Ears for the weekend but I guess with it being a long weekend and finally some nice weather others had the same ideas but it looks like you have still been able to get out and enjoy the nature. Redwoods Park looks beautiful! No picture of the replica treehouse that the brothers had built?!

    1. Hi Ruth - Guess I just missed putting it in. Picture is posted above!!

    2. Yep, that would be a great place to live!

  2. Nice tribute to both your moms. Even though you couldn't find a campsite for the weekend you at least made the best of it with your family.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick & Kathy - Cheers to you both on this long weekend as well....

  3. Love the chess pieces, Peter and I would love to live in a building that had a roof deck.
    We were supposed to go camping this weekend but bailed. Just not into sleeping in the tent on the ground and all the process of setting up and taking down. When we had a sailboat pretty much everything was onboard, just grab the kids and the dog and go.
    I also feel that for two days it is alot of work, last year the same effort gave us 12 days on the island. Sad that it so hard to get spots in the campgrounds, great that next week is guaranteed. Cheers to you both. Yesterday found us at Cresent Beach and today will be Derby Reach.

    1. Nice!! Hoping to get together with you guys soon!!