Monday, 22 May 2017

Long Weekend musings....

We managed to pack quite a bit into this long weekend, even if it wasn't "camping"......

Sunday found us out to my Mom's with another nice dinner and some time up on her rooftop deck with the fire pit. So nice. What a city view too!!

The Lions, overlooking and protecting the city.....

Lions Gate Bridge behind us.....

Holiday Monday found us out at our trailer, starting the "reno" process. We have quite a long list. After all, it has a long way to go and big "tires" to fill to match up with Euri's "coolness", so we had better get started on it! Once the stickers are off it needs to have some heavy duty cleaning and then a cut polish,. It desperately needs a cut polish to bring it back to it's former glory!!!

Likely a long process, getting those faded ugly stickers off....
He's like the Ever-Ready Bunny....still going strong.

On a side bar, the new wheels and tires look good.
Doug upsized the wheels/tires to 15".
Just waiting for the centre caps to come in from California....
Good grief, he's still at it......

Sorting out where to put things.
Next year I will get new cushions/upholstery but not this year.
Our favourite Mexico flag. Not sure where we will put it,
but it always travels with us....a "little" of our hearts is still in Mexico!!

My little "feel good" collection of things.
The book was given to us by our daughter-in-law's parents, Rick & Mel when
we started our 2012 Mexico adventure. You should see all the writing in it. All the
notes, commentaries, gas prices, tool booths, campgrounds, etc.
Quite the diary and it isn't full yet!! "Oh the places we'll go, indeed" 
Even Novi, our lobster from Nova Scotia is on board for more adventures.
Just have to find him his special hanging spot.....with his special Nova Scotia tartan!
Phew.....well, that's it for this l-o-n-g weekend. We are camping next weekend up at Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. We can hardly wait.
Thought for the Day: Believe you can and you're halfway there....Theodore Roosevelt


  1. Glad you had an enjoyable weekend with your family.
    Once you both get finished working your magic you will definitely be able to Escape the working world once again.
    Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Wait until Mexico to get the exterior painted. We know some good guys with paint. Enjoy the re-doing! We are finally getting our RV back today from the dealer. Had it 2 months!

  3. You will have that trailer looking skookum in no time. Bigfoot is an excellent make and very well insulated.