Sunday, 28 May 2017

Chilliwack Lake Prov Park

We have been fortunate here on the West (Wet) Coast to have had lots of sunshine and warm weather this past 10 days, finally!!! So, so nice!!

This weekend, we headed out to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. It is hard to book camping site in and around Vancouver area so you have to grab what you can. Doug discovered a few spots available up at Chilliwack Lake so we grabbed one. What a great weekend.  It's even reasonably priced for a provincial park at $22 per night. We were pretty happy!

We headed out on Friday right after work. (Our trailer is stored on a nice gravel yard in Langley, at the home of someone Doug works with. super happy with it there as we can work on it when we want. Thanks, Evan!!). It took us a little longer than the normal 1.5 hours to get there as there was an accident on Hwy 1 Eastbound. We got there about 8 pm which is okay as it's still light out.

Lovely and sunny spot R32. Loved it!

Our first morning walk with "camping coffee".
1/2 oz each of Baileys, Peppermint Schnapps and Kahlua
Super excited to be on our first trip of the year with our 'new to us" 1990 Bigfoot. We had brand new awning fabric installed this early spring but this is the first time we actually got to see what it looked like. Super easy to set up too!

Hard to recognize as a Bigfoot as we have stripped off all the old, cracked and faded decals (well, except for the awning front - those will go off this weekend!). Doug has new tires, which are a bit larger than the original and lovely new aluminum mag wheels. Snazzy-ness.

I am in love with the awning colour. A touch of white, fading to dark grey.
Looks awesome....

Walking the trail down to the footbridge.....

There was a sign at the top of the park saying there was no beach.
They weren't kidding!! Water level is very high.

Beginning of Chilliwack River.
This picture doesn't show but it was running super fast....


Goodness, of course we needed refreshments after that walk!

So Josh & Kathy gave us what is called the "Cloud". It's an air-hammock. It has two long chambers. You open it up and spin around with it while trying to catch some air. Then you roll the end up, snap it shut and voila, an air-hammock.....we'll see!

Technique is a work in progress, especially with flips flops and a few beers!!

Honestly, I was laughing so hard at this point that I could hardly think!
He needed more room, so it was out to the road!
Okay, so it actually does work then you have to sort out how to get on it!!

It really is quite comfy!!!

...and here he stayed for quite a while, recovering from all that spinning around!


Phew.......evening has arrived!!
Anyway, we had a great time, even if it was just for two nights. Still seemed that we really "got away" for a camping trip.
Thought for the Day: We travel not to escape life but so life does not escape us…..Kombi Life



  1. It must be a strange feeling to have so much room compared to Uri.
    Any time away from the working world is time well spent.
    Great pictures of your surroundings.
    Be Safe and Enjoy.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes it is. I have some cupboards that aren't very efficiently used!!

  2. The trailer looks excellent. Glad the weather is finally sunny. I like Doug's ballet moves!

    1. That blow up air hammock was certainly a laugh! Especially after a few beer!!

  3. Replies
    1. It is a beautiful park for sure. Glad you enjoyed the tour!

  4. Glad you managed to get out in your new home. How is the work coming in it? We finally got our RV back from warranty work after 2 months. Going out next week.

    1. Not much has been done inside, other than pull out the crappy old blinds. Have some plans for the curtains that include my special imported sugar skull fabric! Doug has gotten lots done in the hitch department and he has contracted his friend to finish up the welding. We will do pics soon. Glad you are getting out. Living vicariously through you two young 'uns!!

  5. Seems like the perfect spot for your weekend trip. Love all your beverages. Everything looks so cozy and comfie.