Friday, 21 April 2017


If you are just checking in, I've done a post just before this one!!!

I know, it's about time, right??

We are off to Nelson to see Teagan, Shawn and little Rudy. Goodness, we haven't been there for so long. One problem with winter and your kids living in the Kootenay mountains is that it is a most difficult road trip to get there. There are a few mountain passes to get there so once it starts snowing, it's pretty tough driving.....hate that part.

Pretty nice so far......

Great little park just east of Princeton. I think we will stay here one night this year....Not much around it but a nice pretty setting with the river right beside it.

Super clean, basic sites but really pretty.

Doug found his happy place....a working hand water pump!

I'm hoping that this is Bromley Rock.....

We absolutely love this drive. There isn't a difficult part on it. Just big sweeping corners and vistas galore. Next up is a "must stop" spot. "Doug's Homestead" (no, not my Doug) in the Hedley Mall just west of Keremeos. Home of the world famous beef jerky. Oh, and if you buy the pepperoni, you get a chance to guess the price of your purchase and get it free! No, we didn't win. We always have to pay!

.....worth every penny.
Sometimes, some even makes it home!
I know, comic relief.....

Keremeos orchards

 Osoyoos view point....

Our favourite lunch stop, Grand Forks Visitor Centre.

Hey, what happened to the sunshine?

...and what's all this?????

Welcome to Paulson Summit!!
1,550 meters high of awesomeness...there is still lots of snow about.
Some of the piles on the rocks were 5-6 feet high!! 
Well, well, look who we found!!
Our beautiful little Rudy!!

Checkin' out those new boots from
Uncle Josh & Auntie Kathy!
We really love Nelson. Just the perfect size little town!

Hope everyone had a great week. 
We will send on some more pictures over the next few days of our visit here with Teagan, Shawn & Rudy!!
Thought for the Day:  Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.


  1. It certainly is About Time that you you started writing. I know I'm late but if you check our Thursday post my Computter got Hacked.
    Did you take the trailer or just the truck. Inquizitive Minds want to know? LOL
    Glad you are finally getting away for a little R&R,
    Be Safe and Enjoy but keep writing!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick - I know, it IS about time I started writing but it's SO hard to write about going to work and coming home every day!! Too bad about your computer getting hacked! No, we did not take the trailer. Just the Jeep this time......Thanks for checking in!