Thursday, 10 November 2016

Two busy weekends

As it seems of late, my posts are a bit out of order so let me catch you up (again....)

Fri, Nov 4th, Doug and I, his brother Don and wife Diana, flew out to Medicine Hat, Alberta to visit with his mom and family. We had a great time. There is an annual "Auntie's dinner" and it was fun to see so many of Doug's cousins again. There were about 35 people there altogether. Still remaining in his Mom's direct family are her three sisters. Frankie (in Olds AB), Lorrie and Collette in Medicine Hat and their cousin Don. that's it from the old guard. We are thankful that they are all still doing pretty good and they range in age from about 96 down to 89. sheesh!! 

Early flight out at 6:15 a.m.

Sunrise over Calgary
The "little" plane that takes us to Medicine Hat...YIKES!

Yes, it was tiny inside.

Diana and I, at the "back of the plane"

 Coming in over the Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat 
The motto in the lobby of Doug's Mom's residence.....pretty nice. 

Duane, Agnes, Doug, Diane, Don, Brian
Nancy, Mom Helen and Diana.
Family dinners abound.....

Brian's 75th Birthday coming up. Good excuse for an early birthday cake...
One of the days we took a nice stroll in the old downtown area of Medicine Hat. Very interesting old buildings and they are working hard to "reinvent it" and bring people back downtown. 
Boot scraper going into the old bank.....

Heading home.....on Mon Nov 7th
Great weekend for seeing lots of family and friends!  Weather was pretty amazing for Alberta in the late fall. It was sunny all the time. 
Thursday Nov 10th, our long time friends, Mark & Patty came by for an evening visit. They lived for a long time in Cloverdale and then moved back home to Minnesota. We haven't seen them for 6 years or more so it was SO much fun to spend some time with them, even if it went by all too fast. Sometimes, time does stand still.....

 Those observant among you will notice that I am wearing the same shirt as in one of the pictures above. I do actually have other clothes, just for the record!!
Home time all back on track again. Busy times!!
Library time.....

Dedicated to Paula & Jerry
Rudy and Teagan tuck away the family Westfalia for the winter.

Rudy and his bat friend....
And, once again, I am caught up. Thanks for checking in with all of us.
Thought for the Day: The sad part about getting old is you stay young on the inside but nobody can tell anymore.

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