Monday, 9 May 2016


Well, the first change is that, we made the very difficult decision to sell Euri. It really was a back and forth decision that started over a year ago. We have had SO many great adventures in the van but these long trips with such a small vehicle have been enough. So, after 6 years and over 130,000 kms, he is gone. Thanks for the great memories Euri. Thanks for carrying us safely, to and fro. New owners will continue the fun with you!!

Yes, a tear or two was shed.......and in a funny way, continues to be.

However, on to more adventures (eventually) with a little larger vehicle. We have decided on a small trailer (up to 19 ft) to be towed with our new (to us) 2006 Jeep.....picture to follow shortly.
First though, some more beach time.....
Grandpa with his beach boys....
These two could stay out on the water ALL day..... 
Other big change is the fact that we BOTH now work full-time. Well, I work 4 days per week and look after our little boys one day per week. Doug just started working at a great company, California Import Parts in Purchasing. He is super excited for the opportunity. Well, other than the alarm going off Monday to Friday! Time to give those investments a little rest since the markets aren't doing so great these days. We both are good for the decision and are looking forward to the changes that this brings to our lives. 
So, sadly no more Mexico adventures for us for the next three years or so. Understandably, some or most of you will cease to check in on the blog as we are no longer "adventuring" in the same way. I hope though, that I am wrong and you will occasionally check in to see what we are doing. We actually have a few more exciting announcements to come in the next few days.
Keep on checking in for those new announcements!  
Thought for the Day: "One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks"


  1. A new chapter is about to begin. We look forward to readng all about it.

  2. The saying goes build it and they will come so keep writing and your faithful readers will be there to read.
    Sounds like a serious step, giving up Uri and getting a Jeep. No more contorting to get dressed in the morning. Lower MPGs but a solid vehicle you can take off road.
    Looking at trailers, lots of people like the Casitas, Scamps, Escapes. like we told you before you'll know when it's the right one for you.
    Might have to look at a different investor because our's is still making money for us. I'd thought of part-timing but Kathy nixed that idea.
    Looking forward to your next installment.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Interesting. Well, feel free to continue traveling vicariously with us!

  4. Curious, as Canadians and supposedly semi-retired, what is your reason for both of you returning to work? Is it the Canadian economy? Thanks.

  5. Beautiful tulips in your header. We have changed directions a couple of times and were glad to have choices. You are keeping it interesting.

  6. Well I checked in :) Change is good. I understand about the economy at the moment and if Trump prevails it will likely get worse.

  7. Thanks everyone, for all your kind words but mostly, thanks for checking back in with us!!