Saturday, 14 May 2016

Golden Ears Provincial Park

 Just a little sneak preview of our new whip.....2006 Jeep Cherokee. Pretty sweet vehicle with low miles. Should do us well with a good sized motor for pulling a small trailer. Looking over the Hope slide earlier this month.

Gus and I have dubbed it "Lightning McQueen"
from the Cars movie.....

Josh, Kathy & boys headed up to Golden Ears Provincial Park on one of the weekends in May. We went up on the Saturday and crashed their little camping party and stayed overnight. You have seen pictures of our adventures up here before. Always a great time here. No cell service so there is only relaxing availability with your family and friends. Perfect.

Since we no longer have the van to camp in we are just "boon docking" with them. 
They bought themselves a great tent trailer last month. It is very large and I think it will fit them for quite some time. With two busy boys, they will need the nice amount of space that they have in it. Good for them......We lent them our Jeep for towing as their Jeep Liberty isn't quite rigged up yet. It is a pretty attractive Jeep, if I must say so myself.

Home camp away from home!!

Someone is ready for ridin'!!!

First, we learn how to roll down the hill.

Oh brother, this can't end well, can it?? forgot your helmet!!

Absolute spectacular old-growth stumps everywhere.
Such a great learning tool for kids.....and adults.

Big enough for a little dude and his best friend to fit into!
I do love camping in B.C. So much to learn about here in this great province of ours.
Next weekend, the long weekend, we are M-O-V-I-N-G!!! We are moving to "uptown" White Rock, just up the hill from where we lived on Beachview Avenue, above the pier. We are super excited for this two bedroom condo. It is much bigger and a layout that suits us better. Best opportunity we have had in a long time. We certainly enjoyed our time near the beach and are lucky that this one is only about 10 minutes further up the hill from the beach. I will post pictures when we have all the boxes unpacked and have it all straightened out and looking pretty!!
Sheesh - "Changes" is right!!
Thought for the Day: The secret to living well and longer is: Eat half, walk double, laugh triple, love without measure..…Tibetan proverb.


  1. The only constant in life is change. Looking forward to the new pad and future adventures.

  2. I'm jealous, I had a Jeep Cherokee, and loved it. We pulled our Casita with it for several years. Hubby finally up graded to a Dodge pickup. I missed my jeep, did I say that already.

  3. First off I love the Jeep, always wanted one. You two certainly don't stand still for long. Congratulations on the new condo. Hope you have a view. Life is good.

  4. That is one sweet ride. Man, I love that Jeep Cherokee. It is a beauty. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. You and your family look like you are having a wonderful life. I'm sure this is an exciting time for you too. These are the days that you are going to look back on and realize they were a blessing.