Saturday, 13 February 2016

Melaque (Day 8)

Well, we bid adios to our buddies today. They are headed a little further south. We hope to meet with them in a few weeks. We will see how plans go. You know the laid plans of mice and men.

See you later friends - travel safe!
And doesn't my new basket look marvelous.....

Someone left us a valentine treat.....

This is especially for my boss, Eric. He gave me these chocolates
when I left at Christmas. We have had them in our very tiny fridge
have just now opened them. Now, THAT'S self-control! Thanks, boss!!

When we were in Mazatlan, our friends, Bill and Carol drove us
all over looking for pink wine. Nothing - until now!!!

Cute little girls that were involved in a small horse competition
up the street in the arena. Super cute and very horse savvy!!

We went back up to the central square tonight again. We really enjoy just hanging out and people watching.
Not sure why a bus was coming down our street - he barely fits.
In fact, he had to back up a few times to make the turn!!


Some people get paid to have a speaker on their roof and have it
blaring out advertisements for all types of businesses. They just
drive up and down all the streets.....

Flip flops anyone???


Back to the dessert lady, even though we don't really have
a sweet tooth said Jerry someone very dear to our hearts.....

Chocolate flan. This is SO good!!

Not sure why this picture looks empty but the square is really very
busy with families, young and old. We love it!!
Hope you are all having a great weekend. Early party for our little Japer tomorrow. He turns one on Wednesday (can you believe it!). So sorry to be missing the fun!!! 
Peace everyone and goodnight to our little Gus and Jasper (....we love you boys to the moon and back.)
Thought for the Day: What is done with love is done well. Vincent Van Gogh.



  1. The one litre tetra pack wine sells in San Miguel for 39 Pesos. How much is it on the coast? We buy it by the case because we are baaaad!

    1. Wine was $43 ps and we were lucky to stumble upon it!!

  2. We are in gringo town and this is the price we have paid for pretty the whole time, Kevin and Ruth bought it somewhere else at an even better discount. Still we have been darn happy for this price. As Peter says we are winos! We have not done much beer, or hard liquour here. We drink our margaritas out. We will miss the very affordable hard liquour prices here. Have fun on the coast, we think we may try that next year.

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