Friday, 12 February 2016

Melaque (Day 7)

Friday was awesome because Jerry & Paula thought they would leave then but decided to stay on until Saturday morning. We decided to hop on the local bus and head into Barra de Navidad, which is only about 10 minutes down the highway by bus. It was quite the bus too!!

This is the normal place to keep the spare tire, in the rear exit step well, right?
Not sure if you can see the lack of tread on this, the spare tire!!??

Not having been to Barra before, we were not sure if some of this stuff
was from the hurricane or if it was just being remodeled......likely the hurricane.

Looking back towards the Melaque/Obregon area where we are.

Quite tidy in the tourist part. We were pretty early so not
too many out and about at this time.....

The herd is up and ready for all the kids......

Oh yeah.....this is us (in case you forgot what we looked like!)

Someone told us this is the beach that was pretty hard hit......

Guess there are lots of rocks exposed.....pretty undermined looking.

Looking back towards the area we just walked through.

This little guy was pretty friendly and about the size of my purse....

Nope, not sure how it is they don't fall off these things!

That's our group, way through that window......

Aren't these cool little windows at the pastry café??

In case anyone is keeping track of calories we've eaten, yes,
 we are walking back to Canada!!
Back in Melaque now (we had a bit better bus this trip)
and walking back to the park.....

I don't think this cow is actually quite this
happy to have his butt cut off.....

I know, sorry but I haven't done one for a little while and no friends
were close by. If you can't be with the one you love......

Campground visitor.....

That's a great day, right? Hope you all had an amazing Friday and now it's off to the weekend you go!!!

Peace everyone and goodnight!!

Thought for the Day: Two things to remember in life. Take care of your thoughts when you are alone and take care of your words when you are with people.


  1. Looks like a fun little town, Barra de Navidad. How are the temps now?

    1. It is nice. Personally, I prefer the Melaque and Obregon area where we stay better. However, it was really nice to see Barra as well. We had heard a lot about it.

  2. The beach at Barra was hard hit by the storm surge after the hurricane, but it also gets hit real hard every year when there is an of shore storm, they are constantly rebuilding the shore and the buildings standing on it. You should of walked to barra from where you are, you would lean to your right all the way there and then lean to your left on the way back the way the shore is built up, only takes about 35 minutes, lol. salud.

    1. We will probably try the beach walk this week. I knew that you guys were quite familiar with the town.

  3. Replies
    1. The tree is pretty cool. So huge. I like the way it seems things were built all around it. I knew you were all just waiting for a foot picture!!

  4. We used to go to Barra de Navidad almost every weekend when I lived in Guadalajara in 1977! It was pretty small then, only a couple of hotels but the beach was wonderful with a great reef you could walk way out on and the water would only be knee deep!