Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Melaque (Day 4 and 5)

Not sure which day we are at. This place has that effect on a person! Let's see what we have been up to, huh?

Tuesday's musings:

I will start my red cat collection today. I love red cats. We have had two and
they always hold a special place in my heart. IF I ever got a cat again,
I think it would have to be a red guy!!

ALERT THE MEDIA!!!! We found my favourite drink, Strongbow down
here!!! Doug has decided that Estrella is his beer (That Jerry is a bad beer influence!!)

 Wednesday's happenings:

Well, I guess we did get out and do a few things. First, Doug and Jerry rode back to Raul's shop and got the cap for the fresh water tank. SUCCESS!!!!! Made out of one solid piece of nylon. This thing will never leak!! Fit like a glove and cost $250 ps ($18.06 Cdn). This part from our VW supplier in California is $10 US and has to be shipped to us so. It would cost substantially more if we were at home. Thank you Raul!!!

Old one on the left and lovely new one on the right.
Threads were a perfect match!!

Doug is a very happy guy!!

They have a great tianguis (open air market) here on Wednesdays. Huge in size and Al & Colleen will remember it well. Great finds there...... 

Red dude number two for my collection....
Riding over to the tianguis.....boat anyone??

Somehow, the bras on display always crack me up. So colourful.
Especially funny since it was a young gent manning the booth!!

About a million different leather belts. Doug will
come home with two new ones next week.
After the tianguis it was a quick stop at Rosita's Loncheria. She has a small stand just 1-1/2 blocks from the campground. What a gem she is. Beautiful lunch......we will return often I am sure. Thank you Rosa. We will send all our friends to you!!
Lots of room - come on down for an amazing lunch!!

Plus the view is wonderful and peaceful!
Then it was back for a relaxing day "at home". Here are a few pictures of the stressful afternoon we had.....
  The lagoon out back. We are right behind that yellow building on the left.

Two casitas on the right are up/down style (you each have a 
top and bottom floor) and it is a yoga studio on the roof.....

Up above one of the other casitas there is a lovely hammock reading area.
Hmmm, seems someone has found it quite relaxing!!

View out towards our little cul-de-sac

Later that evening, we went out on a tour with Jerry on our bikes. Great thing about these little towns is there is always lots happening in the evening. The town really comes to life. I love the way, young and old gather in the town square. Vendors, food carts, music, church service, laughter all somehow melding together to form a community. Kids are out on their neighbourhood streets even though it is dark. Never straying far from the front doors and everyone knows them. We are really the "strangers/visitors" here and we always work hard to respect that fact. Pardon some of the exposure blurriness of the pictures. I am still trying out my new camera and all it's settings.

Uh oh.....Jerry liked this little guy, Ollie

Sewing shop...we will come back to this later.

Jerry is talking to the owner of that bar I
showed you made of lots of driftwood....

Shrine by someone's front door.....

Ah....the dessert lady, right at the centro.
Once again, Jerry introduces us to his favourite peeps!!

...and for good reason. Stand by on this one too!


...and now we are back doing some purchasing from the dessert lady!! Tres Leche cake and pina (pineapple) turnovers for Jerry and some and flan for us. All were put in the back of Doug's  bike carrier for consuming at home.....

Remember that sewing shop? Jerry stopped and went in to see what
the ladies were making. His Spanish (and Paula's) is exceptional!

Taxi stand.
So, that's the scoop. Seems we can't get to bed before about midnight though, just a bit too warm!!!
Peace everyone and happy week!!
Thought for the Day:  If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything…..Mark Twain


  1. Nice to see that a replacement part could be made for Euri. There is serious talent out here in Mexico. So it cost a little more, big deal, Euri's broken pipi has been fixed. Great score on the beer! Be well and happy.

  2. I am also impressed with the water tank cap!

    And, that looks like a great spot you've got there. Sure wish I knew more about it...

  3. Ahhh, we also love "stressful" Want to trade for "carefree" lying on the couch looking out window at snowy (oops, mean showy) "wonderland" LOL