Monday, 8 February 2016

Melaque (Day 3)

After breakfast at Roosters, Barb and Sal left. So, so great to visit with them and we will miss them dearly!! It takes them about 4 hours to get home to Valle de Juarez. Not a bad drive and the roads, she reported, were pretty good.

Always something interesting to see when you are out in these small towns. We love it.

Roosters breakfast spot...

Frida Kahlo - very interesting woman.

And the band came too!! They were pretty good!

And the mobile knife sharpener fellow. Rides around town
on his motorbike and has a contraption on the back for sharpening knives!
Good business for him and no overhead costs!

And another fruit vendor. Nicely set up in her truck.

Doug spent awhile trying to fix that #$$% cap for the fresh water tank. After breakfast, we all rode over to the hardware store and Doug got some glue and an extra outside cap to try and seal it into.


That did not work. After that, he and Jerry brainstormed and the took off on their bikes to find a machinist. They ended up riding down the highway towards Puerto Vallarta (I am sure it was reasonably safe....where is that insurance policy anyway?). There they were referred to Raul's shop. Check out his business card. Apparently, the hope is that perhaps a new one can be machined out of some type of metal, matching the threads. We are waiting to hear from him tomorrow. Oh, the best part was the little restaurant they found where they "had" to have several beers as someone at the machinist shop was also out for lunch. A score all around!! They also got loads of free appetizers. What a pair!!

Hilarious looking card....we will see what happens.
Crazy looking bar. I thought it was damaged due to the hurricane.
Nope, just drift wood everywhere.....

Two older gals riding on the back of a golf cart on very bumpy
Mexican streets. While this street is reasonably smooth,
all the side streets are old cobblestones. What could possibly go wrong??

And right down the street from the bar is this equally
crazy looking hamburger bike/food truck.

...and that was the day! Not much going on and we will report back on the on-going maintenance problem tomorrow!! Could need some creative thinking!
Peace everyone and goodnight!!
Thought for the Day: Creativity is intelligence having fun...Albert Einstein


  1. Isn't it amazing that a little cap can pose such a challenge? I guess you'll just have to drink more beer.

  2. Sure hope you get that cap replaced. Meanwhile just enjoy.

  3. In all comments above, you are all correcto!!!