Sunday, 7 February 2016

Melaque (Day 2)

It was nice to wake up here this morning. Very glad to be with Paula, Jerry, Barb & Sal. Well, not all of them in our van of course, but to have our friends close by is so nice!!

Stayed close to the camp today. Did some wash by hand (??????). Tomorrow the regular lady is back to work here and hopefully she will have time to squeeze our laundry in as well. 

Here are a few more pictures of the surroundings. Very, very pretty here. The property borders on the local Laguna del Tulle. It is beautiful with lilies as far as the eye can see and crocodiles where you cannot see! Stay out of it!! Lovely walkway that goes past it for quite a long while so we are looking forward to strolling along on it. Here is the main property beside the 4 RV spots...... 

Irma, the owner lives here..... 

Sal & Barb are in the casita on the right....Doors are 400 years old.
Yoga studio up above Barb & Sal's casita.....
View of the pool from the yoga studio.
You can see the lagoon pretty well from here.
The RV park is right out past this well....

The three little wiener dogs that live next door.
It always cracks us up when we see dogs on the roof!!!
See the one under the tree?

Basically looking back at the compound from the road. The big wooden doors to the RV park are just to the left of the fountain. The street is a small cul-de-sac.
A few outings later and we are back at home. It reached a high of 35 C today with very high humidity. "Almost" too warm for Doug and I!! Can you believe it? Here is the rest of our day.....
Doug and Jerry, arriving at Esmerald's for lunch....

In the afternoon, Doug noticed the resident croc out drifting around.
He figures it is a good 12-14 ft......
Hard to see, but the sign shows a puppy in the croc's mouth!
Off they go for a closer (not too close) look-see!!

Meanwhile, the iguana wants nothing to do with it!

Dinner at La Rana again (just around the corner). This time, John, Anna
and their daughter Yvonne joined in. We met John & Anna in Valle de Juarez.
Doug's sister, Diane will remember them well!!

Very important to capture the real moment - no, not the food!!

Great local singers tonight. Father, son & daughter.
Busy day today. Hopefully we can solve our broken water tank cap issue tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend and happy Monday off to all our friends and family in BC. They have "Family Day". Enjoy!!
Peace everyone and good night.
Thought for the Day: There are seven days in the week and "someday" isn't one of them.....


  1. It looks like you are having a ball, wish I was there. Say hi to everyone, and yes I do remember John & Anna. Everyone looks great. Xo

  2. Maybe you could do a write up about the place (price, GPS coordinates etc) on the facebook forum RV'ing in Mexico. And a separate one on Little Rig. If you have time, of course. :-)