Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Melaque (Day 18)

Tianguis day is here - my favourite day of the week!! Off we go......

Lovely array of fabrics....

Anyone want a movie or music??? 
Nice little veggie stand. However, Doug wondered about the randomness of
the toilet paper with the veggies and dried beans. Then we thought about it
and IF you think about it too, all those veggies and beans,
you will figure what we figured!!

It goes on for blocks. And interestingly enough, these
are regular little neighbourhood streets just like the ones I took
pictures of yesterday (like the one the baseball hat salesman was on).
Once these tarps come down (and the are artfully slung together) it
reverts back to regular little neighbourhoods.....
Just hung out here for the rest of the afternoon. Quite peaceful as you can see. I guess everyone was out by now (these were taken at 6 pm our time)......

Keep in mind, of course, that there has never been more
than two other people in the pool with us. 

Now, I have to admit, I took our new camera IN the pool.
This is Irma's (the owner) house.....

Cindy and Bruce: we are certainly putting our mugs to
good use, even if not for hot beverages right now!!

Yup, rush hour in the pool.
Remember, I said there was LOTS of room....
And that is a wrap for today. We are feeling a bit sad as tomorrow is our last full day here. We will spend some of the day tomorrow getting things shook back into place in Euri. He has been parked for quite awhile, hasn't he?? 
We are excited to head off on another leg of our trip. Valle de Juarez, here we come!! We know many of you will recognize the things there as we have spent quite a bit of time in that fine little town....can't wait!! 
Peace and goodnight everyone!
Thought for the Day: Sometimes the questions are difficult but the answers are simple.....Dr. Seuss


  1. Glad to see Doug is improving.Not easy to get up and down poolside with sore ribs. We are also sad with only four more days left here, it sure will be weird going back to Vancouver. Thanks for the nice post to fb about our son Chris. Take care you two and safe travels.

  2. Pool looks so refreshing. Wish we were there!! Glad Doug is feeling better. Safe travels on your upcoming move.