Monday, 22 February 2016

Melaque (Day 16)

Our leaving time here is closing in on us fast.

Not much on schedule the past few days and here is why: The owner here was getting a new fridge. The old one was being moved out of her house and Doug was there the other day to see if he could help out. He noticed that her bike was in the way so he grabbed it and stepped back, you know where this is going, right? Lost his footing on a log on her sidewalk which caused him to pitch to the right. He landed on his side (ribs) on her concrete short wall. We think he has probably bruised or cracked a rib or two. Not much that can be done. Just Tylenol and wine! His breathing (deep and regular) is fine. For this reason, we have ben a bit "house bound" for the past 3 days. He keeps telling me to go out and explore if I want but it isn't much fun on your own! Sheesh, what a pair we are!! Anyway, he is feeling a bit less sore although any sudden movement causes him substantial pain........

For your viewing pleasure......the flowers of our compound. Pretty sweet! 


Being in the warm climate, we have been rather inundated with bugs and mosquitoes. Most evenings found/find us in the van, rather captive. I for one was tired of getting eaten alive (right, Paula??). It seems I am a bite-magnet for bugs. We do occasionally watch a movie on the computer and it is pretty hot in here in the evening with the door closed so we devised an "office/screening room" to help with that problem. Since there are no other campers here right now, we sort of hogged the patio area......

We have carried this screen tent around with us for years and seldom use it.
We were able to sit out last night, watch a movie and for the first time since
being here, neither of us had on ANY bug spray. I am sure our skin thanked us!!
Anyway, we did go out for a walk in the early evening last night. We wandered up the walkway that runs behind us here at Villa Xochipilli. It's actually a few blocks long and is quite pretty. We couldn't dally too long as 1) there were mosquitoes coming out as soon as you stopped  2) there are some rather large crocodiles that live "somewhere" in the lagoon and 3).....there are some crocodiles never mind, already mentioned that.

This lagoon goes right up and under the highway. Story has it that a few years ago, a fellow used to come to some part of the lagoon and feed the crocs. Whilst busy feeding one croc some raw chicken, he unfortunately (you know where this is going too, right?) didn't notice the other large one. Suffice to say that they never have found him.....

Remember, if confronted by a crocodile, run zigzag because they can't follow you in
a crooked line, only in a straight line.....learned that in Louisiana!! 

Looking back through another part of the lagoon at one of the buildings here at
Xochipilli. You can just barely see the roof.....

We both thought this was a bit of a creepy tree. I
think it is some type of banyan tree?

The small casita that our friends, John & Anna, from Ontario
were staying at. They have since left for home via plane.
They were at that dinner just after we got here on the 7th. 

Universal everywhere. Broken toilet = planter.....

Yellow building is the back of Xochipilli

The tree that is pretty much right behind us on the walkway.

Now we have circled around out front and these are the casitas to the left
of Irma's place. they are not part of Xochipilli. Campground is behind the rust coloured wall on the right. See the big wooden gates?

Looking back up "our" street.....

So there you have it. Another day here in Melaque/Obregon. Technically, we are in Obregon but I have yet to figure out where the dividing street is so I have just called it all Melaque. I promised Doug that if he could move this morning I would take him out to Rosita's Loncheria for breakfast. He did, indeed, move so I had to make good on my promise!! Another great breakfast there. He was happy.......well, that combined with his Tylenol!!

Peace everyone....have a great week!!

Thought for the Day: The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be....Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Yep, sounds like a cracked rib. Been there, very painful. Does Doug drink scotch? I found it helps. Certainly doesn't

    Between the bugs and the baking hot evenings, we're good for maximum two weeks at the beach. Then, we gotta head inland. Much happier in the mountains.

    See you soon!

  2. Doug's going to have to learn how to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground except of course when running away from alligators.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Chivalry will bite you on the ass every time! Broken or cracked ribs hurt like hell, get well soon Doug! I like the Tylenol and wine cocktail idea. Love the bug tent.

  4. Two years ago I fell in White Rock and broke two ribs. The wost part of my day was getting upright out of bed after lying without moving all night. 18 days later life became bearable. Be very careful not to get a cold or cough during your healing time. Stay well away from sick people and wash your hands a lot.. Pray you do not sneeze!

    I also had an allergic reaction to my meds and my lips puffed up like Angelea Jolie and I had a hives rash extrodinaire. Peter went and got me benedryl after he picked himself up off the floor where he fell from his hysterical laughing bout.
    Take care and take it easy.