Saturday, 20 February 2016

Melaque (Day 15)

Just chilling out so not much to report. We always enjoy our rides into town and that's about all we did.

Seemed to be a bird kind of day......

Paula, this one is for you!

Not sure what this is but he isn't the most graceful.....

Of course, the parrot squawking above a store was the best.
I imagine that he was their pet.....

A brief stop at Rosita's Loncheria for a milkshake
and then off to get some groceries....

She is such a sweetheart. Apparently she is expanding her little
restaurant next year!! She now knows to tell me the amount we owe
ONLY in Spanish and not to write it down so I have to HEAR it.....
I am getting a pinch better but not so great. Still, I try!!
She is most patient with me and is very helpful-Thanks Rosa!! 

Little store up the street where we got some groceries.....just repainted.
I will get a better picture maybe tomorrow.
Tonight we decided to walk out to the Tacos Pachita stand that is on the street. Super good. It was funny, because we went sauntering out there on Thursday and were surprised that they were closed!! Gasp!! Tonight, we each had 6 tacos (yes, we had no lunch today in preparation....) and they are quite small. You have a choice of beef, chicken, chorizo, pork or tripe. They are served on small fresh corn tortillas. Six each with a glass of fresh pineapple juice each came to a whopping total of $125 ps ($9.45 Cdn) incld tip. YUM!!
Such great little pop up dinner spots.....
Senora Pachita was not there yet so Pedro had to start cooking for us.
You can see Rosita's little Loncheria stand
across the street and down on the right. She is closed at 5 pm


...and you just hope that the bus driver does not make a mistake!!
The street to our place is just past the white building
on the left and down one block...

Doug is happy.....
So that's it for today. As we sit here in the van, we hear the regular noises of a little town just seeming to wake up (9:00 pm). Small scooters zipping around, dogs barking (always), cats in the midst of territorial disputes, crickets. Once again, families are out, babies in strollers. Kids running back and forth. Soon, the music will start somewhere. So surreal in a way and yet so normal seeming. We love it. You just stroll home and the same senora is sitting outside her house on our street. She must think us crazy as EVERY time we go by her we say, usually in unison, Buenos Dias (morning) or whatever is appropriate, given the time of day. Oh, the other night, randomly it seemed, about 9:00 pm a full on band started playing down the street, in the street. Horns, drums, tuba, etc. It was Senora Feleciatate's (sp?) birthday. How cool was that. Went on for about one hour.
Life here is.......predictably unpredictable. 
Peace and happiness to everyone. Happy your families!
Thought for the Day: Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes for you…. Anthony Robbins 


  1. Keep on trying. It's taken us 8 years to be able to get by, but we learn a little more each year.

  2. We are going home or should I say back to Langley in a week and we wonder how we will ever be able to have such normalcy in our lives. We love it here so much. We are both leaving bid chunks of our hearts behind. Gotta figure out how to do this again and again. Cheers, see you in April.

    1. You will figure out how to do it again and where to go!! It's always an adventure, isn't it?

  3. Good job on the Spanish. I hope we get the courage to spend time Mexico. Silly isn't it but every change takes a little courage.

    1. Maybe you will one day. Have you checked out the caravan Kevin & Ruth are leading right now. They have a great webpage. Maybe it would be a great way to start! They look like they are all having a good time.

  4. We are following them and may try getting our feet wet that way.