Thursday, 18 February 2016

Melaque (Day 13)

Few more pictures from yesterday. Another week goes by and it is time for the outdoor tianguis again. Always interesting and fun.

Typical hardware/everything table.

If you look just above the tarp, just off-centre of the picture, you
will see a coconut flying through the air. His son was tossing them across to dad.  

Getting ready.....

Wouldn't this be fun, driving around the White Rock pier in the summer??
Part-time jobs for Gus and Jasper!! I'll drive, they can have their arms in the ice cream!

Resident large iguana, Mr. Handsome.
Quite majestic, isn't he?? He thinks so......

If you look closely, you can see him on the roof, just to
the left of the palm tree. I am certain that he can make that flying
leap right onto Euri.....

.....just limonada

Today (Thursday) we rode our bikes over to Barra de Navidad. This does require you to ride on the highway for about 1.5 km. There are decent sized shoulders so it wasn't too bad. Still, be best to be on your toes. After you turn off the highway, it is another 3 kms or so to Barra. Doug mapped it out and it is a total ride of 6 kms each way. So, good exercise for a hot day.

If you survive the 1.5 kms on the big highway, you get to this lovely
bike/pedestrian path all the way into Barra de Navidad...

Loved this little house. Looks a bit Old English-y, don't you think??

There was a new development with boat canals by the houses. Salesman told
us that they have already sold 17 of the 58 lots and let us ride around to
check it out. I don't think that the sales figures were anything to get excited about.

Fancy looking though.

Walking back around and through the town. Always lots of restaurants
and bars one can go into.....

We thought this was funny. All the little kids were gone for
the day but all the pigeons came in. She's mopping, they're pooping!!
Reviewing, once again, why we do NOT drive at night.
Open manhole with no cover. Just a stick and a
broken chair to advise you of impending doom.

Oh, but the stick has a jaunty red topped plastic
bag tied on to it!! Gosh, I hope that the security man did not topple in??

May the luck of the Irish always be near to you......
We have been to Barra twice now and I must say, it is nice but I certainly prefer the Melaque/Obregon area where we are now much better. It has a much more peaceful existence here for sure. Still lots of shops and services here too but somehow a nicer feel in the town, for me that is.

Remember Mr. Handsome? He decided to come down the wall today.
I found this very interesting and went and took a vantage spot nearby to watch.
He did his best to "wait me out". I thought all his cold blood would run into
his head but, apparently not. As soon as I looked away, he made that drop down on to the other roof, about 6 feet. Scared the poop out of me. Made a huge crash. Then he was looking somewhere else...maybe he passed out after all??

Photo turned sideways so you don't get a crick in your neck.
Apparently folks don't think so highly of the brown ones. They nest in your roof and dig under the tiles with those long claws, ruining tiles and creating quite a mess.
If you are going to be an iguana, be a green one. Everyone likes those. 
(Oh, and stay off the road...ahem) 

Show-off. Anyone can do that.....
Well, another exciting day here in Melaque/Obregon. Can't say it's dull and boring. We rode back into town tonight for a spin. That's another 3 kms on the bikes for a total of 15 kms. That ought to wear off some of that wine.....
Peace and good night everyone! (Pssst......tomorrow's Friday!!)
Thought for the Day: Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

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