Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Melaque (Day 11)

I know, the title is becoming shockingly like the Mazatlan one isn't it??

A different day, a different event. This morning a gentleman climbed some of the cocos/palm trees on the property to cut down the coconuts. They grow in quite a heavy clump and to prevent them from falling on anything, it was time for them to be cut. Also, perfect for juice time for this gent. and he has a stand in town.

Now, our Spanish to English was sketchy. Doug did pretty good but we never quite made out his "real" name. Only that he did not like it and everyone in town calls him Barracuda so that is what we will call him!!

These trees are extremely high and he goes up barefoot with a clamp on spikey thing made out of two nails welded together. A strap is fastened onto it and it goes on one of his feet. I know, any takers out there?? No complaining when you have to pay so much for your coconut water okay??

What a character and a delightful guy:

Getting ready. I am sure he has his
Worker's Comp forms on file.....

Yes, barefoot and about 30-40 feet up. 

Good zoom lens. No, I did not climb up there with him!!

He is in the tree on the right....
Once he cuts a clump off, you can see how he lowers them to the ground
and then the hook on the rope lets the clump go and he pulls the rope back up.

...and down he comes.

Foot gripper thing-a-ma-bob

Showing Doug how the lowering rope works

Sample time!!!


We both had two or three drinks straight out of the shell and this is still what was left.
He told us that the smaller coconuts are best and that they have approximately 1/2 to 1 litre of water in them!! We put this in our cooler for the next few hours and it was delicious!!

The cut a chunk off the back to make a spoon and he showed us how to take the
meat out of the inside. It is quite tasty....

While waiting for his amigo to pick him up with the truck, he and
Doug got into talking about various types of cars and trucks.
Easiest way to describe them was to draw it in the dirt!!
So there you have it. So interesting to speak with Barracuda. He has had quite the life. Cut his leg with a chainsaw, got electrocuted when cutting cocos, shock went in through his thumb and out his foot (scars a plenty). Fell out of a tree, 12 meters and broke his leg. He is tough and he can be on my rugby team anytime!! What a guy!! Smiles all the time......there's a lesson in there somewhere.
After this hectic time and one piddley bike ride, we were ready for the pool! Of course, the 30+C temps and high humidity help that decision........However, it is pretty funny to use the self-timer to get the pictures! 

Practicing for his Synchro-swimming class.....

Multi-tasking....drinking Strongbow and swimming.
Very gracefully I might add!!
I hope that we have any friends left at home when we get back.
Peace and all that.....and thanks for putting up with us!
Thought for the Day: The people whose first instinct is to smile when you make eye contact with them are some of Earth’s greatest treasures.


  1. You are making us very jealous. We're supposed to break the freezing mark for the weekend before cooling back down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmth and sunshine. You deserve it.

    It's about time.

  2. A great post! For a big guy Barracuda sure is agile! Temps in the high twenties predicted for the hills today, and on Saturday we will see 30C! Wish we had a pool...

  3. Thanks guys. It's such a great spot here. We absolutely love it!!