Friday, 5 February 2016

Mazatlan to La Penita de Jaltemba, NAY (365 Kms)

Hard as it was to peel ourselves away, we let the family board the bus to the airport this morning at about 8:45 am.....miss them already!

The same lovely lady who helps keep the dining room clean, and who brought the
boys a goodies yesterday also brought them cars nice. 
Grandpa Doug especially liked the fact that one was a VW!!
Jasper pausing momentarily for air before continuing with breakfast.....

There goes our little boys (and the rest of the family too!)

Oh man, I miss these little guys and they aren't
even out of the parking lot yet!
Phew, that was hard to see them all drive off and leave us behind. However, considering most of them are heading off to work next week, we definitely got the good end of the deal for now!
It is a fairly lengthy and boring ride from Mazatlan to La Penita. A number of tolls but as we mentioned before, we don't mind the quicker route. With no air-conditioning in the van, it can reach temperatures as high as 38 C in there so we are pretty hot and uncomfortable.
It was on this section of highway that we hit a HUGE iguana. It's body alone was probably 3 feet long. If only the road had been this deserted but a big truck was coming right at us. We thought is was a stick or something but then it lifted it's head and just as we were upon it, it decided to turn and "try" and run back to our side of the road. If only it had just stayed where it was, we would have gone right over top of it and never hurt it. Suffice to say that it did not end so well for he/she and I did the typical scream and covered my eyes.....
"Don't look back. You aren't going that way anyway"

Typical toll booth.....Great places for stopping and having lunch or bathroom breaks.

Speaking of lunch, just so you all don't think we have gotten too spoiled.
Here is our corn chip, peanut butter and Craisins lunch on the road.....

Somewhere near Tepic.....

Sugar cane truck loaded and heading into the plant....This one
is only moderately loaded. Usually they are lots bigger than this.
....and they drop a lot of that stuff on the roadway too.

Small roadside drinks and snacks store....

Cane fields......



Okay, this is actually a two way highway.
Everybody just go wherever they want!

The welcoming committee in La Penita!
Back of the Little Rig RV Park. Owners, Brian & Carole live upstairs.
$350 ps per night ($26.40 Cdn) You do get a break if you stay longer. 
Lovely clean bathrooms and showers too.



Beautiful palapa area.....

As soon as you walk out the gate, this is your beach area, looking north.
...and the view south.
After we got settled, we walked up the beach for 5 minutes and we were at the little town of La Penita. I really love the small RV park especially since it only has about 6 spots for small rigs, it's really nice. I just didn't get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the town on our short walk. That means nothing. Sometimes it takes a few trips into town to get the scope of things. Shame because we are only here tonight (Friday night). Further analysis will have to wait for next time.
Net fixing time.....

I would think it no accident that the pelicans like to hang out across
from the fishing boats!!

....just waiting.

Some sort of festival in town for Friday night.

Taxi air!
Finally....paletas!! Frozen ice cream treats!

Someone has taken his horns.....


Bulk food section at the local little grocery store.

Kathy - this is for you!! Straws everywhere!!!
What colour do you want??
That was it. Like I said, we didn't have much time to wander about so I couldn't get a handle on the feel for the town. Hopefully, we will have more time on the way back home to check it out. Time will tell!!
But this last picture is for our friend, Al. One of your favourite places
and we were thinking of you today. Salud, until we get home!!!!
Peace everyone!
Thought for the Day: Don't look back. You aren't going that way anyway....