Friday, 5 February 2016

Day 5 thru 7 - The Riu

The fun just kept on a'comin'......

Caution - this is a long post so go to the bathroom first!!

Grandpa Doug "Napkin Head"
Gus "Napkin Head in training...." I know,
you cannot take this family anywhere, right??

I think Mel and Rick want a different table....
Yes, the talent in this family runs deep!
Jasper napping with his dad....
Really, the days just jumble together with breakfasts, lunches (usually late), swimming, dinner and then the nightcap at the bar. There is a little "town" called Cerritos. It is about a 15 minute walk from the Riu. Nice little mix of stores, coffee shop, restaurants and bars. We all went up there at various times for some souvenir hunting.  Everyone agreed that the vendors were very nice and not at all pushy or aggressive.
My Mom- she has that shipping gleam in her eye!
I have seen it before.

This little girl was quite interested in Kathy & Jasper. Gus
immediately came back over and put his hand on his Mom's
shoulder to watch over the proceedings.

Right at the end of the market, there was a little wee parrot on a chair. Josh
managed to pick him up and show Gus (right before it bit Josh's finger!)

Trudging back to the Riu......Look below to see what we found!!


For some reason, my little jewellery container was quite
fascinating for Gus. We were chilling out in our room one night
while the others had a nightcap.....

Oh brother......
Fancy towel animals......Doug will learn to make these when we get home, I am sure!!

Dayle, Mary, Kathy & Hannah. This lovely group
of ladies are not only sisters, but they are best buddies as well... 
So about Wednesday, it was pretty windy so that meant no one was in the pool. We headed down to the malecon in a few different taxis and pulmonias. Fun to walk around....
Somewhere out there in Mazatlan, is a pulmonia with Shawn and Teagan's
tattoo studio sticker on it. Good advertising for Timber Tattoo in Nelson, BC!! 

It was a bit disconcerting for Josh & Kathy to have Gus in a car without his car seat.
Jasper is still in the little guy baby seat so it could be put in okay but
it is weird in other countries when it isn't done on a regular basis.
Don't worry, he was belted in with the door firmly

Gus is a fair bit scared of the wind. We bundled him up with my sweater.

Glad Kathy is getting good use of the baby sling I made her before I left....

Me and my momma - I sure do love this lady!!

The Beatty group.

Soon we popped back to Euri to pick something up. Gus
was quite excited to see Euri in Mexico!!!

The Rainbow shots. Believe it or not, all are mixed in one shaker
and then poured out all at once in a row!!!

Oh boy - I have ALSO seen this look on my Momma's face too!!

Still hanging in there with us!!
Thursday morning found us, as usual, meeting in the dining room for a hearty breakfast. One of the very sweet cleaning ladies, that was constantly cleaning up after our big group brought a few marshmallow suckers for Gus & Jasper. So nice of her!

Believe it or not (again...) these pictures were taken from our 15th floor balcony. We spied the kids down at the beach. Not bad for my little zoom lens, huh?

Okay - I know, mercy on the fun times, right??!! We really enjoyed it and really enjoyed all the family. Goodness, time really does fly when you are having fun!! Next post is Friday's departure day and the long trip to La Penita!! Stay tuned!!
Peace everyone.
Thought for the Day: We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.


  1. Glad to see you made it okay. We got the car back. All is well here.

  2. Those are definitely fun times that will be remembered not only by the adults but especially the little ones. Glad to see Doug is still a kid at heart.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. A wonderful family get together! Great fun.

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