Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day 3 & 4 - The Riu

Just to be repetitive........we ate, we drank, we visited, we laughed, we swam, we ate more, we drank some more, we laughed some more and we visited more. Pretty much, all in all, perfect days!! Oh, and there was S-U-N!!! Just catching up every couple of days.

Unfortunately, the internet does not want me to post any pictures. Not sure why because the first two days I was able to get up on the screen. Guess I just have to hope that it the problem isn't with Blogger Dashboard!! I am not getting any pesky error messages so I do have to wonder if it is just the hotel itself. I will do a summary later on next week.....

Anyway - Hope everything is going well for you all. I will keep on trying but if you don't hear from me for a few days til we move on, I guess that will just be the way of it!

Peace everyone!


  1. We used to enjoy all inclusives when we had a "normal" life, but now we find that the resort vacation is fine for three or four days, but by the sixth or seventh day we've had enough. The last time we did it, we found that we had more in common with the staff than the other people at the resort!


  2. Well, for us, the time spent with family is the most important part of this. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and the staff is amazing. Happy to be spoiled for seven full days and then it's back to the van for 6 more weeks of discovery!!

    1. Yes of course...I understand that the time with your family is a good reason. Glad you're enjoying yourself!

  3. Happy to hear you're all having a great time, Nancy. Hope your ankle/foot is better today! Hasta pronto, amiga!

  4. Sorry Nancy, I had the hotel put a freeze on your internet capacity, couldn't take seeing all those wonderful, happy pictures of you enjoying the resort (my favorite) made me jealous, since I can't be there this year. LOL Just kidding, can't wait to see more pics. One of the best resorts ever!! So glad you are getting the chance to experience it with loved ones. That was our family in 2013/2014. Hope your foot is better.