Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sorry, a tad late but our hearts are in the wish anyway!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Hopefully you got to spend it with family, friends or a combination of both!!

We spent the morning with the boys and had a very busy morning there. We loved it. There is nothing better than seeing Christmas through a child's eyes. It's just the best.....

Pardon my camera - I believe Santa will be bringing me a new one.....

Kathy, Josh, Jasper & Gus.....



Photo-bombed by Grandpa!!!!
Later in the day, we headed up to Don & Diana's house to enjoy our Christmas dinner with them. Both our kids and grandkids had plans with the other family sides. We laughingly termed ourselves the "orphans". Thanks to Don & Di for hosting a great evening together. 


In every crowd, there is always someone who does
 not want to wear their hat properly!!!
Ha ha ha - these are pretty snappy all right!!
Teagan (our daughter) & hubby, Shawn out for a walk on Christmas Day.
They live near Nelson BC. See the beautiful Kootenay Lake behind them?

They are pretty cute......
After this, we just seemed to have a crazy few days. We are "trying" to get ready to leave for our southern trip to Mexico. We are not sure why, but we are not very organized this time. We have delayed our departure date twice now and we are fixing our sights on Dec 31st. We feel confident that we can meet this new date!!
Trying to capitalize on days spent with our boys. Something I have come to realize is that you cannot "bank" that lovin' feeling! Here is the evening's fun....
Pretty proud of the baby sling I made for these little guys.
It's actually the second one I made. 
Here is the first one....isn't she a fine looking "Scottish lass"? Jasper likes it!
This fabric slips a bit (that's why the rings are a bit low)
so I will re-do it with something different when we return....

Time to bake one more cake before we the sprinkle placement!! 
Little note about these......
Josh has bought himself a scroll saw. He copied some ornaments that my Auntie Mary  & Uncle Alan bought for our kids when they were about 5 years old!! Josh did the cutting and Kathy did the painting - Pretty amazing, huh?? Hey, I never got one!!!!
Well, that's us. Up to date, in a nutshell. Takeoff day is Thursday, bright and early (while it's still dark!!). We are hoping to get as far as Medford, Oregon. We will see how that goes!!
Hope you will all start tuning in again and travel along with us!! See you in Mexico!!!!!
(Al & Colleen - We will tip some tequila for you this time - next time you tip with us!! See you guys when we get back!!) 
Thought for the Day: Where there is love, there is life.


  1. Have a fun and rewarding time on your next Great Adventure. I look forward to riding along (running away?) with you. Stay safe and take care.
    Love from Dale, Sue and Chelsea

  2. Glad you enjoyed the holidays with your family and friends and wishing you safe travels to sunny Mexico.
    Maybe we'll see you again next winter when we're out west.

    It's about time.

  3. Safe travels you guys! We are ready for your adventure!

  4. Thanks everyone.....we are looking forward to the trip!!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I love the boys PJ's! Lindsey would be so proud of you with the baby slings, she is so in love with them and has used slings with Sadie almost all the time and has hardly ever used a stroller with Sadie.

    Have a very Happy New Year and have a safe ride down to Meixco!

    1. Thanks Ruth - Tell her that she was my inspiration for them. I ordered the proper rings off the internet. I will be ordering more as I have more sling to make!!

  6. Safe travels, we will be following along with you. The Tequila bottle will not be opened until your return.
    Happy New Year, salud.

    1. Thanks guys - We will be thinking of you and looking forward to that drink (from the said unopened bottle!!)upon our return. Love you both!!